Wednesday, December 14, 2011

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Getting Started With Rewards

It's true that taking surveys can be time consuming as to some surveys do take long to finish. There are pros and cons with survey taking but in the long run you'll get to see the results of your hard work once you stacked on rewards points to claim for some items like merchandise, cash, certificates and other things.

It's ideal to keep working on surveys and saving points for better rewards equivalent. The merchandise online store has wide selection of items redeemable to even as little points. You may always take the chance to browse for items you like to see how much points it takes to claim the item.

In any case you don't find items you wish to get from your survey sites, that won't really be much of a problem. The e-certificates, e-cash and other rewards certificates might be able to cover that item yo wish to get somewhere else. It might not be the direct item from your survey site but still you get to have that thing for free with your claimed survey points.

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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Post Break: Custom Scrubs

Roughly two weeks before the much awaited Christmas, are you all done with your shopping lists?  Sometimes we get stuck thinking what to give to everybody in our gift list, we can't exactly tell what will be their favored gift for this year.  As much as possible we also want to be practical with out gift choices like getting something useful and consumable instead of display items or things which will just be stashed away somewhere.  Don't you just hate it when it almost drives you nuts having the pressure of getting everything ready and still you can't decide on what to give?

Gifts like clothing and apparel are always on the practical side.  If you are wondering what to get your family or friends who work on the medical field then worry no more.  Check out to see the Blue Sky scrubs selection for men, women and even kids.  They have more than just ordinary scrubs, in fact they even carry custom scrubs.  Blue Sky scrubs are guaranteed high quality, comfortable fit and very fashionable. With Blue Sky you can also accessorize the scrubs with their chic and funky scrub hats.  Who says scrub hats should just be plain and boring?  With Blue Sky anybody can feel more fashion forward in their uniform. 

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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Post Break: Removing Junkies

Every year we get to have more things here and there. There are some things which end up being used and unfortunately most having to be kept away.  Eventually those unused things pile up and eat up space.  Imagine years of keeping and keeping all of the things you never want to get rid of and later on you'll realize you have a house-full of junk.

One of the best way of getting rid of your unused things is to donate it rather than just throwing it away.  Less fortunate people can have better use of what you don't need anymore.  By giving away some of your unwanted things, you get to clear out some space.  That space can be intended for better use instead of having so much clutter around.

For things that you wish to throw away and totally get rid of, Watauga junk removal service can be an ideal option.  They can handle all kinds of junk problems leaving no stress on your behalf.  You wouldn't have to sort those junks for recycling or donation, they will do the job for you. 

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Sunday, November 20, 2011

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Pin Mart

Are you looking for the right and affordable promotional item for the upcoming holidays?  How about cute little pins for giveaways or favors?  Sure enough big stuffs will be a hit for most people but those things come with a good price too.  You wouldn't want your giveaways to eat a big chunk of your budget, right?  Being practical is an option when it comes to certain things, there's no need for much extravagance most especially for things intended to be given in larger quantity.

Pin Mart guarantees great priced quality pins for your needs.  May it be custom made or stock design pins, Pin Mart carries wide selection which you can choose from.  Imagine how nice your business card will look with a small souvenir pin on it, anybody will definitely accept it with a smile.  Don't think it's just plain old gimmick giving out such items because it's the perfect season for giving and sharing.  Pins surely are nice keepsakes, small and not overwhelming.

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

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Post Break: Cosmetic Dentist

They say "Smile, and the whole world will smile back at you.", such a wonderful quote and it's true that some smiles, laughs and giggles seem to be very contagious.  That's why it is very important to take care of our pearly whites and make sure we can always have the perfect smile.  

Proper care must be observed in order to have a clean and healthy "smile".  Regular dental check ups and maintenance can help greatly in preserving and prolonging the life of our teeth.  As we all know once our baby teeth fall off as a kid then new teeth will eventually come out.  That new set of teeth must be taken cared of very well because there won't be any other replacement if it does come out.  Resorting to cosmetic implants and procedures is the only means to restore the same old glory of a fallen tooth.

What if you have that broken smile because you are ashamed of that problem tooth you have.  Worry no more because a San Antonio cosmetic dentist can do the works for you for that same old beautiful smile once again.  Trained and well versed with the latest technology with regards to dental cosmetic procedures, cosmetic restoration is just one of the things that they do great. Be confident once again and flash that striking smile, no need to hide and keep your lips sealed.

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Sunday, November 13, 2011

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The Rewarding "Rewards"

There are times when we want to purchase something unnecessary either for collection or recreational purposes. Given the tight budget these days being economical can really help through the tough times.  A better way of getting some extra things that you wouldn't want to include in your budgetary allowance is making use of rewards points and values that you earn from surveys and focus group community participation.  

I get to receive $15 amazon coupon code every month from a community participation and there's no specific expiration for the rewards I earned.  I treat this reward as a leisure money to buy those things that I want to get without  having to use my own budget.  Say for instance getting toys and gadgets for my boys (the little baby and big daddy).  

I already checked in amazon those items that I want to get for myself, baby and daddy.  Since daddy has been wanting to do some practice shooting but never has the time to go to a range, a nice and new airsoft gun can be a fun gift for him this coming holidays.  I personally like it too so both me and daddy can use it for some afternoon past time.  It's something not necessary for me to get from my budget so having other means of buying it is like getting it for free. Sometimes getting extra rewards can truly be "rewarding".

Airsoft guns are replica guns or firearms which use plastic pellets and any other non-metallic pellets.  These guns are ideally used for recreational purposes such as paintball or target shooting.  These guns are classified according to their operating principle likespring piston, electric or battery operated and gas powered.  Airsoft guns are way lighter than the real one but certain additional effect like smoke caps provide a realistic look to it.  These guns may be considered non-fatal but prior safety and precaution must still be observed through the use of safety gears most especially the impact-rated goggles for eye protection.  Short range shots can also cause some injury. 

That's a little wiki for those of you who wants to know also about airsoft guns or pistols.

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Friday, November 11, 2011

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Using Survey Rewards Points

It's been drizzling and pouring rain from time to time, quite unpredictable when is it going to be sunny for a nice day out in the park.  Though it is fun playing in the rain the odds of getting sick or catching colds is very high.  Summer's heat is over and now it's time to bundle up. 

Zip up hoodies are great to keep you warm and toasty. Match it with cute beanie and gloves to make sure you'll all be warmed up despite rain and chilly winds outdoors.  It is better to  be bundled and warm than to be out and later on you're freezing.  Light layering of clothes can help keep your body warm and this way it will be easier to  remove some layers once you get indoors where it's warm and toasty.

Did you know you can make use of your survey rewards points to get coupon codes or store giftcards?  Some survey sites offer certain rewards for certain retailers instead of checks ad e-cash.  This will be perfect for you fall clothing purchase not having to use your on hand money.  This is just one of the great advantages of doing surveys, once you accumulate enough points then rewards will follow.

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Friday, November 4, 2011

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Cutting Back

Guest post written by Derick Burks

Saving money hasn’t always been something on my mind but once our third was born I realized it was going to be a really important endeavor for my life. We were just stretched too thin and I didn’t like the feeling of not having much savings in case my husband or I lost our jobs or someone got hurt or something. So I’ve been using coupons more now and once I realized I have the Power to Choose I started calling around when it came to our home utilities to find the best rates. Things like that are small at first but they really add up over the course of the year and I knew that every dollar counted when it came to our emergency fund. I feel more financially secure than I have in years and I know my husband does, too. That makes me feel like I’m being a responsible parent and that my kids will be well taken care of no matter what may happen to any of us.

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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

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Safe Cig

Electronic cigarettes are resurfacing back to the market aiming to aid chain smokers to divert on less harmful smoking option. The Safe Cig allows the smokers to enjoy the same old feeling they get from smoking except the harmful chemicals that go with it. Safe Cig is available in 6 nicotine levels including 0 nicotine for those who are just ready to quit. This cigarette manufactured by a trusted electronic cigarette company has revolutionized how this great product works making it simulate actual cigarettes without tar, ash, odor and harmful smoke. The automatic power system will make any smoker feel like it's like his same old cigar making a special vapor emulating the traditional smoke.

Ready to try and make yourself a better you? Start with the starter kit if you are a casual smoker. It comes with battery, chargers and five-pack refill cartridges. There are other kits available which actually depends on how often you smoke the whole day. All electronic cigarette kits offer optional free shipping (domestic US areas) with 30 day satisfaction guarantee and lifetime warranty. Don't be afraid to make a change for a healthier you, start ditching your old smoking habits and live a smoke free life. Just like the saying goes, "everybody deserves a second chance".

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Tall Men's Clothing

Don't you just hate it when you can't find the right size clothing even if you searched all over the store and yet no luck? Frustrating isn't it? More so when you find something you really like and when you try looking for your size they simply don't have it. Tall men most especially have this kind of dilemma. Some clothes just fit quite weird with shorter sleeves, shorter length or ill-fit. Who would want to wear such funny looking clothes?

Worry no more because King Size The Big and Tall Experts has just got the right clothing for tall guys like you. KS specializes in tall mens clothing for men who stand 6'2" and taller weighing about 225 pounds and more. KS has been selling for the past 50 years as a specialty retailer in men's extra-sized footwear and later on incorporated clothing line for big and tall men. With KS no need to scoundrel through clothes racks just to find what you're looking for. KS offers trhe most convenient shopping for all men who'd rather just stay right infront of their computer to browse the online catalog. That's definitely a no sweat shopping at all!

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Sunday, September 11, 2011

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Scrubs & More

Scrubs were originally used as a replacement clothing during earlier times if street clothing was contaminated.  It is a garment usually shirts and trousersworn by nurses, surgeons and other medical technicians or gowns used by doctors.  Scrubs are intended to be worn by personnel when "scrubbing in" for surgery but present time changed this traditional norm.  Scrubs are now normally worn in many hospitals and other medical institutions not only inside the operating room but serves as a uniform for all.  Even patients are issued scrubs as temporary clothing.  

Scrubs are designed to be simple and comfortable, easy to wash and cheap to be replaced if damaged or severely stained.  There's a great market for scrubs now with more stylish accessories which add appeal to the garment.  Blue Sky Scrubs has a great number of discounted scrubs for him and her.  Blue Sky offers free returns and exchanges for all orders and also free shipping on orders worth $155 or more.  Check out the website at to see their online catalog and find the best deal.  Take advantage of the email discounts and updates by subscribing to their newsletter.  

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A Whole New Look

Summer is still having its last blast with totally unpredictable weather, one day it's cold and the next day it's hot.  Just a little more and hot days will be over, the leaves will start to fall from the trees and the wind will have cooler breeze.  It will also be about time to change those bedsheets to warmer bedspreads and comforters.  The nights will never be the same as before, it will feel a lot cozier and warmer snuggling in soft and cushy bedding.

Brylane Home has a great catalog for your home needs and you can actually request one for free.  Whether you're looking for bedding, bath, kitchen, storage solutions and more you can find it all in Brylane.  Take advantage of the summer clearance if you still want to get some new cool summer items before the season ends.  There's also a pre-clearance event where you can find other deals fit for your budget.  To make the most of your money they offer free shipping for orders more than $50.  Imagine the savings you can get with free delivery!   Prep-up for the coming holidays and create a new look into your home. 

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Saturday, September 10, 2011

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Survey Fun Rewards

image credit

Seasons may change but there's no reason not to come and enjoy Walt Disney World Resort anytime of the year. It's the perfect place for the entire family to bond, relax and have some fun. The kids will surely enjoy strolling around, enjoying cool rides, shopping for some souvenirs and taking lots of photos of the magical kingdom!

Taking surveys might seem not very rewarding sometimes considering all the hard effort but once you get rolling, rewards can be so good. Stacking up points is a great way to save up for bigger reward items like travels and other things. One very special reward which I am saving for is a family trip to Disney. The points that I can generate from the surveys can make up for a Disney pass, therefore quite a savings!

Imagine going to a place where we can all feel like kids again, no work and all fun. Make special memories to remember for the years to come.

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Friday, September 9, 2011

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Halloween Fun For All

Fall is when pumpkins are harvested and when is it best to carve those jack-o's but Halloween! Trick or treating surely is a lot of fun for kids but grown-ups too should have their fair share of fun time with their little one. The whole family can don a costume all together with certain theme or be their very own favorite character. There are costumes for everyone, every age and every size. Plus size Halloween costumes are widely available for those who are fuller figured, whether your kind of suit is fun, wacky, sexy, there will always be something that's just right for you.

A Woman Within not only have costumes but also other clothing as well. Halloween might be fun with cool costumes but if you feel like slipping in some comfy casual it doesn't matter at all. There's no such rule restricting you to have fun on Halloween in your plain casual clothing, what matters most is that everybody enjoys and have fun trick or treating within the neighborhood. The fun of joining the kids knocking on doors and passing through all those scary designed lawns surely will be a blast this coming fall.

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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

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Paying Online Surveys - The Secrets To Finding The Best Paying Online Surveys

Paying Online Surveys - The Secrets To Finding The Best Paying Online Surveys
Photo Credit: Calistan / CC BY 2.0
Several days ago, I wrote an article about ways to avoid survey scams. Today's article will be an extension of that. Many survey sites in this industry don't pay members what they are worth, instead they are paid by gift vouchers or prize winnings. Not that this method of payment is wrong, but I feel that the most of us would prefer cash if we were given a choice. So how do we find the best paying online survey sites?

Here are 3 important steps and guidelines to follow in your quest.

First, when browsing for these sites, observe the web page. Does it look like a professionally designed website? Does it look new? Or does it look like crap. It will be obvious when you look and navigate through the web pages available. This may sound vain, but I must stress that this is the type of first impression that will tell you a lot about the company and how they treat thier business. It is not always accurate, but it does help filter out the scam sites.

Second, look for existing discussions or testimonials as part of your investigation. Look for reviews and opinions on the company you are eyeing on. Chances are, there are folks all around the world talking about it, reviewing it, criticizing it. This is usually the best way to find real paying online survey sites. If you find that most of the comments, reviews, testimonials and discussions are fairly positive, then it is worth giving them a try.

And third, check to see if the company has dealings with Fortune 500 companies. Fortune 500 companies? These are companies like Nike, Dell, Wallmart, Panasonic and Ebay... you know, the big shots! Sites that are affiliated with these big shots often pay well and are considered reputable.

Some sites to consider checking out can be found on this list of survey sites I joined a while back!

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Princeton Cryogenics

Cryogenics is the study of very low temperatures and its production. Liquefied gases like liquid nitrogen and liquid helium are often used in cryogenic applications. The liquids are stored in a special cryogenic equipment or Dewar flasks about six feet tall and three feet in diameter. Bigger tanks are also used for larger commercial operations.

There are many useful applications for cryogenics such as MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging), electric power transmission, frozen food and blood banking. One of the most popular use of cryogenic is the blood banking in which rare blood groups are stores at low temperatures for future use. offers 20 years of finest quality products, service and customer assistance for liquid nitrogen storage systems. A partner company of Princeton CryoTech, Inc. which is a leading industry for cryogenics design. Princeton Cryogenics is the premiere choice when it comes to liquid nitrogen, cryobiological preservation, cryogenic and cell culture storage for laboratories, pharmaceuticals and other institutions.

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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

How You Can Get Paid for Online Survey

How You Can Get Paid for Online Survey
Photo Credit: dborman2 / CC BY 2.0
So you have seen it on the internet everywhere. Get paid for online surveys! Real paying online surveys! Surveys for cash! Is all this for real? Let me be one of many to say YES, it is for real! If you have been reading my posts, then you probably have noticed some of my posts that show proof of payment. It works, no doubt about it. I won't lie and say they there are no scam sites, they exist, but there are sites that actually pay and many have earned some extra cash from this opportunity.

There are many companies that pay big money in order to get customer feedback. Companies usually pay big bucks on advertisement and are curious to know if it was all worth it. So paying you (myself including) a few dollars in exchange for your time and opinion is nothing compared to the money they spend for advertising! So take advantage of this and register with sites that are affiliated with Fortune 500 companies. You can expect surveys that pay you ranging from $2 to $50, the amount you get totally depends on the company conducting the survey, the duration of the survey and other similar factors.

Keep in mind that there will be survey sites that pay in the form of points that can be converted to cash, discounts or merchandise. So if you are after cash, be sure to investigate ahead of time before joining a site and then later being disappointed that they don't pay in the form of cash. Plan ahead and make a list of sites, or better yet, make several lists of sites to distinguish the ones that pay in cash, the ones that pay in gift cards and the ones that pay in discounts. Organizing and managing your resources will certainly improve your efficiency and increasing your revenue at the same time. Also, something to take note of, is that different sites pay using different methods. Some sites will send you money through PayPal and some will send you checks. This may or may not be a factor in choosing which sites to join but may prove useful.

This opportunity is available to everyone and you can earn some extra cash by doing online surveys. The amount you earn will depend on your effort and strategy, so plan it out and see how much you can make!

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Post Break: Arab News

There are so many things happening all over the world right now, crisis here and there, war, rebellion, natural disasters, etc. Sometimes keeping up with the news feels more like inputting negativity to your home with all the bad things happening around. Seriously, who would want to see all those kind of news after a tiring day from work? But let's face the truth because it's inevitable avoiding such obvious matters happening around. In a way it's a good way to be alarmed and informed than feeling dumb not knowing anything happening around you.

The television is the one most up to date sources of news all over the world though it's hard to get specific news on things that you want to know about. Say for instance the Japan Tsunami and nuclear status or Middle East crisis updates, it's better to surf the net and read sites focusing on those events. The Arab News has a good online circular about all the happenings in the Mid East. There's no need to do numerous searches just to find news and updates about Middle East, it's all there hot and ready for new and avid readers.

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

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Focus Group Surveys

Surveys make great extra cash on the side but it surely takes time. Some longer surveys give bigger payout rates but most surveys only give a couple of dollars. This is the reason why never took surveys as my main means of income because it won't be sufficient. That's the bold reality, no lies and plain straightforward remark that I can give. I am not a professional survey taker also who knows all the best and high paying sites. I simply join free sites but I heard and read that paid survey sites do pay more, higher than what you'll usually get in free sites.

If you're eyeing on bigger bucks it's more recommended to go for the focus group surveys. Focus groups are known to have more perks and privileges for panel members. It will require specific time of participation and you'll be compensated accordingly. I do one for $15 worth amazon coupon code every month. All it takes is to log and participate in the community every week, at least once a week. It might not sound so great but for me it's something better than working long hours answering never ending surveys and getting just a buck or a little bit more. I actually managed to buy big items out of the rewards that I got from the focus group community after putting together all the rewards and using it for a bigger purchase.

See what works best for you and your interest. There are many kinds of surveys, there will always be the perfect one for you.

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Post Break: Precious Smile

They say when you smile, the whole world will smile on you. True or not? Well this may not be true on certain times but at most times when you do so, people will smile back at you. You wouldn't lose anything if you greet and smile to someone so it's good to always keep your pearly whites clean and smile ready for anyone. A smile can be contagious, it can affect one person to another.

Proper care for the teeth and entire mouth is important for everyone. Of course finding the best dentist for you is one way to stay on the right track with oral health and some cases visiting a Periodontist is a must. Just like doctors, dentists have specialties in their field. There are the general dentists whom we see during our normal dental visit for cleaning, filling and other teeth related issues. Other than the dentists there are specialists who do the x-ray, cosmetic procedures and periodontal services.

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Thursday, August 11, 2011

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Online Paid Surveys – Internet Jackpot or Petty Cash?

Type the phrase “paid surveys” in Google, and you will see a countless list of paid survey web sites. Some claim $150/hr payment, others say it’s the perfect work at home job, while others say online paid surveys are just a scam. With all of these conflicting links, it’s hard to know what to believe. Are online paid surveys an Internet Jackpot, an online scam, or somewhere in between? Are you missing a great opportunity or should you stay away?

The first thing that you must understand is that market research is a real business. Market Research firms have been paying customers to take surveys and participate in focus groups long before the internet was a household commodity. It’s just that with the increasing number of people online, the internet has become an effective and efficient way for marketing companies to collect data and test their advertisements. Also the internet gives these market research firms access to a wide demographic of users, which allows them to get a better idea of how their products will perform with people of different age, sex, nationality, etc.

Unfortunately, many questionable sites have popped up on the internet which has ruined the image on online paid surveys. These sites usually make outrageous claims about how much money you can make by working from home. They usually charge a “membership fee” to gain access to a list of web sites that conduct online paid surveys. They claim that their lists are special, and offer the highest paying surveys. But the truth is that the survey sites they list can be found for free on the internet. Legitimate market research firms do not charge panel members any fees or try to sell you any products. With a little research you can find all of the quality market research firms yourself. Also, there are several good sites on the internet that offer free reviews and listings. You should never have to pay for information or access to online paid surveys.

Assuming that you manage to avoid the scams, and stick with legitimate market research firms, the question remains is it really worth the time? The answer lies in your expectations. If you are looking for the perfect work at home dream job, this is not it. If you would be happy with an extra couple hundred dollars a month then read on.

The typical pay for any given survey varies, but most offer between $2 to as high as $50 or more per survey. The problem is that these firms are usually looking for a certain demographic, and you may not always qualify for all the paid surveys that are sent your way. These survey invitations are usually sent to you via an email, with details about the incentive offered, and a link to the survey. Usually you are asked to fill out a short screener survey, and if you qualify then you can continue on and earn the full amount promised. If you do not qualify, you are dismissed, with some sites offering a small incentive or a sweepstakes entry for your time. The screener survey usually takes less than 5 minutes, and the full survey can take anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes.

If you sign up with several quality market research firms, and can qualify for several surveys, you should be able to make anywhere from $50 to several hundred dollars a month for the household petty cash piggy bank. It’s not exactly a fortune, but it can help offset some of your monthly bills, and it only takes a couple hours a week.

About the Author: Jimmy Myers is the editor of Online Paid Surveys Guide, a web site that offers free, paid survey site listings, searchable by regions of UK, United States, Canada, Australia, Asia-Pacific, and International. Listings have detailed descriptions, incentives offered, user and editorial reviews and ratings. In addition the site offers many additional paid surveys resources in the way of tips, user blogs, survey feedback polls, and more.

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Hawaii Homes

Find a agent to know important information on open houses, properties for sale, properties for rent, current mortgage rates, historical sales data and other pertinent information before you buy your next dream Hawaii houses or rental property in Hawaii. There is new construction on all of the Islands. Maui probably has the lead on new construction and the local joke is that they have moved part of Mission Viejo to Hawaii. A lot of interesting things are happening in Hawaii which can work out great for the local economy. And when the economy grows, so does opportunities in development.

There are many old homes in Hawaii which could be something worth looking at as well. If you want to live in Hawaii why live in an area that is just like somewhere else. The older homes are classics and generally on larger lots with old growth foliage. But there are new projects on the Big Island and new condos and a few small projects on the North Shore. Look around and surely you will find something you are looking for. Happy real estate hunting and good luck!

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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

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Post Break: Roaman's Plus Size Fashion

Finding the right size clothes is very important, this entails comfort and proper fit. However plus size dresses can be a little harder to get with specific styles and in-season fashion. Roaman's plus size dresses offers beautiful and stylish clothes for full figured women.

Take advantage of the first-time registrants promotion, subscribe to Roaman's and get a free shipping coupon code right in your inbox. Shop all you want, choose the best dresses for you and enjoy the free shipping. Not only that you'll get to enjoy free shipping on your first order, grab the free bag and wallet set with any purchase using their promotion code RDSUMMERFREE which expires on 08/14/11 at 11:59pm EDT.

Roaman's knows what plus-size fashion is all about, all styles and designs are custom tailored for fuller figured women. Complete with clothing line from casual, suits, outerwear, dresses, denims, shoes and even lingerie for plus-size exclusive comfort.  Every woman deserves the right to flaunt her fashion sense and style no matter what her size may be.  Roaman's understands every full sized women's needs when it comes to great comfort and fashion.

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Saturday, August 6, 2011

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Search Engine Optimization

When it comes to search engine optimization, things can get very tedious and frustrating, most especially to those who can't grasp the concept behind it and what it is supposed to do. We all hear about how important it is to make our site SEO friendly and how crucial it can be to any website. Sometimes we even take a few steps and try to do what we can to improve search engine optimization. Well there are a few techniques or methods that are pretty basic to hep you get started with your campaign which I will mention soon. The key thing to remember is that you should be consistent with any method you take and be really active with your campaign to see positive results.

A few things you can try are directory submissions, social bookmarking, forum posting, blog commenting, press releases, reciprocal link exchange with relevant websites and even emailing your friends and family to help spread the word about website and asking them to help spread the word. Before you know it, one email expands to 10 people and then multiplies like crazy. There is nothing to lose with any of the ways I mentioned, you just need to try it and continue to do it so that it really settles in and grounds you website even better into the internet. Good Luck and I hope this helps.

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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

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Earn On Referrals

Taking surveys isn't the only way you can earn some cash or rewards points, doing referrals can actually give you less work but more pay. Of course this is not going to generate big money as if you've won a lottery, referrals can generate earnings without having to do surveys. You get incentives for every referral you make which usually corresponds to cash and sometimes rewards points.

There are different ways of getting referrals, it can be direct like sending email invite to friends to join and sign up using your referral link. You can also work like an advertising agency in your own ways by putting up banners or links to attract people, this can be a very effective way to invite referrals indirectly.

Referrals is just another way to earn extra bucks but if you can still manage to do surveys, ptc and pay to read then do so.

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Post Break: Worry Free Repairs

It's very frustrating when your car breaks down on you while on the road. Having it not working alone can cause so much inconvenience already, how much more if there's a car trouble in the middle of the road. Knowing a place where to bring your car is a total sigh of relief but of course we wouldn't settle just anywhere.

is a great site to check in case you'll need to get your car fixed or serviced. It has a good list of convenient and accessible locations for shop locations and everything can also be accessed through your mobile phones. Indeed auto repairs can be a dreadful task for some people but with RepairPal, you are sure to be guided to best service of all.

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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Stacking Some Points

It is always tempting to get cash rewards in exchange for the points you earn from taking surveys. Nothing bad about it but sometimes survey companies have great rewards options for certain merchandises and other rewards. Say for instance you have a choice between cash credits or checks from your survey sites, I suggest you get whatever has a bigger value to it.

In any case you prefer not to have any specific merchandise or not ever cash value, leisure rewards are always good to claim. Such kind of rewards will really require huge amount of survey points to buy a discount for your favorite entertainment places like the circus and theatrical shows. Stacking some points can help you achieve your goal if not in full coverage or at least part of it.

How I wish I can get my own property through survey points but logically speaking, it won't be as easy as it seems. Even if you check Hawaii Real Estate to locate homes or sale, surveys won't do all the trick.

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Friday, July 22, 2011

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Why Are Paid Surveys Popular?

I read an article by Todd McDaniels who is also the webmaster of (a great resource site for survey takers like you and me. The article talked about why paid surveys are so popular and the realities that encompass the whole concept. I could not have agreed any better with McDaniels. Yes it is theoretically, a fantastic way to earn some extra cash on the side from the very comfort of your own home. You do a public service by providing data to companies that will result in better products which later then results into more sales. And you get paid for it. This is why it is popular. Not to mention that you do it when you want, where you want. McDaniels balances this positivity with some realities that people not may see because of being overwhelmed with the good things. Some of the realities discussed are the fact that it may not be enough income to take as a full time job and that it would be tough to get into the thousands bracket. But the hundreds bracket is definitely foreseeable. Yes anyone can take these surveys but it may not be available for all countries, so be prepared for this. Also, you should not have to pay to participate in paid surveys, watch out for companies that require a fee to get started. Be patient and you will be underway in making some extra cash.

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I own a hair salon in Houston and it’s really great since it’s what I’ve wanted to do since I was a little girl. Business has been great since we moved in and although there are several other salons nearby I think ours is the best! The worst thing that happened since I opened the place was when we got broken into the first month – that was a real wake up call. I immediately went to to make the place more secure and I started locking up all the cash each night in the safe so no one could get in and steal it. I’ve decorated the place I always imagined it would be and I think the customers really appreciate the touches I’ve put in. I love being a salon owner and not just doing hair anymore and I feel like it’s always been my calling to be an entrepreneurial business woman! I feel totally independent and I know my friends and family are really proud of me which makes it all worth it.

The Author of this post is Cheryl Martinez

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Saturday, June 4, 2011

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Product Surveys

Surveys do take time to work on but there are some good rewards when you do product surveys. An item will be delivered to you for sampling and testing and it's for you to keep (most cases unless specified). You can have the freedom to accept or decline a product test offer, it's your call. Having to do so is not a bad idea for some other products like toiletries. The bathroom tissues where given to survey which among the two is better. Nothing complicated with the instructions and usage, you even benefit from getting some free product samples.

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Friday, June 3, 2011

Post Break: Bluesky Online

Almost everything now you can buy online whether it's goods, clothing or even services. Just a few click on your browser and there you go, business right in front of you. Compared to the traditional buying going to the stores, online is very much convenient and sometimes even more practical depending on the type of purchase.

Having mentioned online purchasing check out it is where to buy medical scrubs. Bluesky has a wide variety of scrub sets for men, women and even kids. If you dare accessorize and set a fashion statement with your scrubs, Bluesky got it all for you. Their scrubs are trendy and very comfortable which is perfect for busy bodies in the medical industry.

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

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Cashback Shopping

God news to all shopoholics out there! Want to get some cashback from all your online shopping deals? It's possible with Sendearnings and Inboxdollars. These sites are great for my online shopping deals, I get some cashback percentage from participating stores whenever I do a purchase. Earn as much as 13% from your spending and get the best deal for your money!

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Post Break: Working Away From Home

Doing online surveys can be done almost anywhere as long as you have internet connection. It's a good means of earning from home but also can be a lighter load when working away from home. You can't complain with the flexibility of earning, what could be better than that?

Working outdoors can be fun and less stressful too, just grab your laptop and do your thing at the park or anywhere you feel more communed with nature. This doesn't require prolonged period of being out and away from home, though if you do have home security tupelo then you can worry less about rushing back home. There are fine days when you can just spend the whole day working outdoors and easily stretch your legs for walk breaks.

Working away from home sounds so good to be true but if certain days don't permit you to be out and about, still you can do surveys at home with ease. It's not as technical as other jobs wherein you'll have to be so focused and can't do anything else on the side. Watching while working sounds less stressful right? With online surveys, that's not so impossible to do.

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Thursday, May 19, 2011

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Online Surveys Climbing up to Top Choice of Freelancers

Everyone is doing online surveys. In fact, if you’re not, you’re probably from the few who haven’t tried yet. Survey companies are constantly launching new surveys of every scope and on every possible topic. Taking online surveys has become the favorite hobby of freelancers and homeworkers who have found a brilliant earning alternative in completing paid surveys. Online programs of various forms are emerging every day, but paid surveys have won the hearts of freelancers with the easy and fun way to earn cash.

Changing World, Changing Careers

The globalizing market has created a more mobile and flexible workforce, challenging the conventional human resource tools for worker motivation. Having a long-term career, a static employment contract with standard terms and conditions, and a ton of restriction as to what to wear, what to do, when to come and go, when to rest and work hard….is no longer tolerated by the majority of employees. Today, people value having flexible contract arrangements, customized incentive schemes, and demand more respect for their time-at-home needs.

It’s now possible to have a flexible job, and the advancement of the Internet technologies has made teleworking not simply possible, but a very viable alternative. Everyone strives to have a job that does not take one away from family and friends. Teleworking is now more than an option – it’s becoming a top choice of many professionals, who have opted to become freelancers. Online surveys are among the many job alternatives that are becoming extremely popular with hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. Taking surveys for cash and prizes has not yet replaced full-time careers, but has become a core complement to having a full-time or a part-time job.

Freelancers Maximize Profit with Job Diversity

To put the harsh economic theories in simple words, having more than a single income source optimizes your cash earnings. Many acknowledged professionals have given up their careers in the IT industry, journalism, education and creative writing. They have realized that working for oneself on different projects for different companies is more profitable than having a single employer and a set wage. Freelancers virtually do not have income ceilings, because they can find and choose what type of contractual work to take on, on how many projects to work simultaneously, and what companies to work for.

Online surveys do not need any previous experience and skills, unlike the other freelance jobs. However, since many people have moved their work online, from home, taking paid surveys is easily squeezed in between the other core activities. Many people take paid surveys during their work breaks, in between projects, or just to make use of their browsing time and earn some cash. Online work makes one spend hours in front of the computer, anyway. Most people have multiple browsers and applications opened when they work online. To stay at home might be also strenuous and dull, unless you can take regular breaks and manage to diversify your routine with something fun and easy to do. Online surveys give you both, plus a bonus – surveys are fun and easy, and they also pay you cash and extra rewards!

It’s now easy to understand why online surveys have become a popular hobby for many freelancers or people with flexible and mobile careers. Online surveys are a great diversity for a dull office routine, and make time spent online more meaningful with the cash and rewards that online survey companies give out.

About the Author: The author is an amateur writer focusing primarily on Paid Surveys related topics. For more information on Free Surveys visit his site

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Post Break: Relaxing With Coffee

Even though I live alone and work from home, my life is pretty hectic most of the week, so I make a point of slowing down and relaxing on weekends. I think it's important for everyone to take more time to breathe, look around and enjoy life and all it has to offer. I even feel this way about coffee.

On weekends, instead of just brewing something in the automatic machine, I take time to go out for coffee. I like to appreciate it as the wonderful treat it is. On Saturday afternoons I walk five blocks to the Runcible Spoon. I sit at an outdoor table, sip mocha cappuccino, have a few cookies from the local bakery and and watch people passing. There's peaceful folk music on the speakers, my friends might stop by to chat or I might glance through an alternative newspaper to see what movies are playing. On chilly winter days I sit downstairs, warm up with pumpkin spice coffee with whipped cream, and read a book or magazine from the shop's library.

Sometimes I tackle a difficult work assignment during the week. A change of scene can improve my ability to think and plan. I pack up my laptop, set my home security alarm (site) and lock the door, and take advantage of the Spoon's wireless internet service. A couple of hours and a cup or two of mocha almond coffee later, my work is done and I'm free!

Guest post written by my buddy Angelo Cooper

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Monday, March 21, 2011

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Global Test Market $50 Big Ones

Global Test Market offers frequent invitations, almost everyday, free qualifiers. They use point system that can be redeemed for cash. If you don't qualify, you still get incentive points so either way your'e gaining something. The best way to approach is to keep on answering all survey invitations. So why wait? When you can join now! Global Test Market

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Post Break: New York Fashion Week

One of the best fashion shows that is offered in the world is New York Fashion Week. This is one of the most exciting times in fashion. I love watching the New York Fashion Week on my Satellite TV whenever it is being aired. This is truly something I look forward to every year.

The New York Fashion Week is a big deal for so many reasons. First off, it gives new designers a chance to be exposed in the world of fashion. New designers can have a chance to display their fashion designs to other top fashion designers. In addition, it gives more established designers a chance to give fans a sneak preview of their top collections coming up for the summer. I always love seeing what Betsey Johnson and Armani have planned for New York Fashion Week. It is so exciting to see the new designs that fashion designers come out with.

I also love seeing the sorts of models that participate in the New York Fashion Week. This fashion week is not only a big week for the top designers in the country, but it is also a big deal for fashion models. This is one of the best opportunities for a model to gain exposure and a whole new list of clients if she or he desires. I love watching New York Fashion Week!

Guest post from: Denver Stephens

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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

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Advertising Works

Surveys really do pay off but it takes time and effort to earn good amount of money. Focus groups on the other hand offer bigger payment for it requires longer time compared to ordinary surveys. Doing referrals and advertising your survey links can also generate good earnings for you without much work input.

At some point when you want your site to drive more traffic to gain more possible referrals, using an advertising agency can do the trick. That Company provides traditional and online marketing efforts to assure a very effective approach to prospective clienteles. Of course having an advertisement would mean some cost on your behalf but given the right medium, the returns will definitely be a success.

That not only provides the necessary campaign for your site or link exposure, it will make sure to track the success of your advertising campaigns from time to time. Through this you'll get to know which among your advertisements and campaigns are not getting the cut. That alone can cut down your spending because you'll know which of which has to go and continue. That will work with you hand in hand for your business' success. Knowing how important advertising is for your site it will make sure your money won't be wasted with their service.

Sometimes survey isn't about just answering questionnaires and testing items. Since not everybody has the same time and patience it's better to work on other options which require less time and effort but will equally give you the opportunity of earning some extra income.

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Monday, March 7, 2011

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Get Paid For Taking Online Surveys

Jonathon Marino wrote an insightful article about why companies are willing to pay consumers to take surveys about their products. There are 2 main reasons why, based on what I have read:

1. To give companies an idea of what their target audience wants and needs and increase the amount of revenue they bring in.
2. Feedback from the general public regarding their products or services and how to improve them in order to make more money from them.

The main reason is money. There is a saying that makes sense with this industry..."you need to spend money to make money". This is true. This is why the large companies are paying big money to market research firms who then pay money to anyone (consumers like you and me) to take the surveys online. It is a loop that goes on and on. The companies get the information they need to make the most out their products (translation - money). The market research firms play as the middle man and get paid for it. And lastly, the consumers provide the feedback to close the deal. This is an opportunity that anyone can take advantage of if they want to. It is out there and it works. Evidence you ask? Read my posts categorized under "Proof Of Payment" to see for yourself.

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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Post Break: Austin Air Cleaning

Keeping a healthy home is a must, having it cleaned at all time can help reduce the chances of getting sick. It's not just those physical things around our homes which require cleaning. Giving attention to the air circulating around our homes is something very important to our health. The air we breathe is the life we put in our body, just imagine how would it be to inhale air from an old and dusty air duct? Not good at all!

These air ducts are not like the carpets which you can do on your own with some special vacuums, steamers and solutions. Leave the job with the professional air duct cleaning austin to make sure the job's done right and good. Pro air duct cleaning austin will leave the air you breathe at home allergen free and dust free. No need to worry about air borne home allergens with clean air duct systems. Our homes deserve to be treated with much TLC most especially the precious air we breathe. If cleaning is not enough munters dehumidifiers austin will give the necessary air treatment, surely it will feel fresher than ever.

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Post Break: Bluesky Scrubs

Scrubs are the most common medical garments worn by hospital personnel and other people in medical institution. These are designed to be simple and comfortable for the nurses, surgeons and other people in this field. Originally a scrub was given to people who have known contamination with their street clothing. This prevents further spread of the contaminants to one's body or other people.

Nowadays scrubs can be seen almost everywhere. Even people outside medical field sometimes wear scrubs and there's completely nothing wrong with that. Among all other leading scrubs store, you can be assured of a quality scrub with Bluesky. This company doesn't carry only one specific scubs in fact you may choose colors that suit your taste and personality. For those who are tall, there are available scrub pants tall for the long legged and scrubs flare pants for a more chic. Bluesky has it all for you and don't forget to check my nursing uniforms coupons for better deals and discounts.

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Friday, March 4, 2011

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Real Money From Home

Getting employed these days is becoming harder for most people. Some has been unemployed for quite some time already and others losing their job. Not everybody gets to access online like me who can somehow make real money from home with online surveys. Though surveys give me some greens not all the time it's convenient for me to do surveys which eat up my time.

There are other means to make real money from home aside from answering surveys. Say for instance blogging for money is a common thing now to earn some cash. You can either write articles for some sites or have a blog of your own and generate some income from there. What's good in doing this is that you can advertise your survey links and banners in your blog or site, this way you can also gain more exposure and earn possible referral points and incentives.

While surveys and blogging won't work for others, another means of making some extra cash online is through Pay To Read and Pay To Click sites. True that you only earn a cent or penny doing this but there are some advertisers linked to these sites who will give you certain percentage if you shop through the PTR or PTC sites. No need to answer survey questions all you need to do is shop online and earn from your purchase.

That money earning option is great for shoppers but how about gamers? You can also earn while playing those online games linked to the sites. I have not tried that because I don't have the luxury of time to play and I know it can be addicting so I try to avoid it too. Some game sites offer incentive simply by registering and participating for some time. Games might not be as exciting as those rpg's and others like boxhead 2 and age of war, graphics wise not even as competitive at all but what the heck it's extra bucks right there. Who knows how much can you really earn when you win some games too.

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

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Survey Perks: Traveling over the Holidays

***Traveling is great most especially when it's free! Some survey sites have great travel destinations and you can use up the points you earned to redeem vouchers or gift certificates for the leisure trip. This of course costs big points but all worth the work, right?***

Traveling over the Holidays can be a great way to unwind from a stressful work environment or just an excuse to get away for a little while. Even though traveling over the holidays usually means visiting family members, some of which aren't the most fun to be around it's an essential thing for just about any contemporary family.

Over the holidays we visited family in New Mexico. When you think of the winter months new mexico isn't the first place your mind goes, but the cold there is just as bitter as the north east. We didn't expect it to be as harsh as it was, but the coats we brought were more than sufficient. After setting out home security alarm from we set out, it was a long flight, but traveling was relatively uneventful otherwise.

Even though hanging out with family doesn't seem like the most fun you can take for granted spending time with them and it's good to reminisce about random events from years ago. You can't really choose what memories you'll retain over the years, but many of the ones that are universally shared, even if you once thought they were asinine usually hold a significance for everyone. Such as the time Steve broke his arm, or that one Christmas were Cindy burnt a tray of cookies that stunk up the place. It's good to be able to reconnect with family, but thankfully you can leave to your respective homes afterward.

Written by Sherri Hicks

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Saturday, January 15, 2011

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Why I Never Miss The Simpsons

*** has a good selection of movies in dvd format. If you don't intend to claim your points for cash or check, there are other items aside from dvds to choose from. But for us who are avid dvd collector, getting it without having to buy with our hard earned money is such a great way to save. Just using our points we can have the dvds we want to collect, even The Simpsons.***

Since 1995 I have been a die-hard fan of The Simpsons. Over 400 episodes of the show have been made in its 21 seasons of existence. Currently only 13 seasons are available to the public on DVD and Blu-Ray.

Luckily reruns of the show are broadcast twice a day here in the Metro Detroit area. My DVR is programmed to record any potential airing of The Simpsons. Satellite TV Packages allow me to easily find the channel that corresponds to my DVR recording.

Despite multiple airings of The Simpsons, many are on at inconvenient times for me. However, I am able to watch the DVR recordings of it anytime I want. In addition I can pause, fast forward and rewind the show at any moment.

Occasionally certain networks will even add additional reruns of the The Simpsons to fill an unexpected empty time slot. Even then my DVR will recognize and record that particular instance of the show. I take full advantage of this and record as many episodes as possible.

Another great feature of my DVR is that it will organize recorded shows. The device will recognize different programs and assign each one its own folder, similar to how a computer organizes files. Of course my DVR folder for The Simpsons is the biggest.

Guest written by our friend Trent Horton

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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

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Top Gun Collector's Edition from Zoompanel

Not all survey sites I joined give cash incentives, other sites simply give rewards equivalent like books, dvds, jewelries, appliances and etc. At first I didn't like the idea since I prefer to have cash incentives, I find it more practical but I was delighted to see the nice DVD rewards they have. Since my husband is an avid dvd collector and so much into movies, this is a great way for us to get the movies without putting out cash. Why spend if you can get it free, of course with some work input. For those who are interested to get cool freebies like this too, you may check out this link for Zoompanel.

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Post Break: Who Doesn't Love

I love the Christmas movie "A Christmas Story". Our family watches this movie on Direct television every year, and sometimes more than once.
This show is such a delight for two reasons. First of all it is perfectly set in the 1940's. The scenery and traditions of the Christmas season are displayed in such a true to the time era fashion, from the Christmas window displays, the parade, and all of the products in use at that time like the radio programs and Lifebuoy soap.
Secondly it is simply hilarious. Who can't remember the scenes of the friend being triple-dog dared to stick his tongue to the flagpole? Or the scene where Ralphie exclaims, "I don't believe it, I shot my eye out". Everyone watching could feel the frustration of little Randy being stuffed like a teddy bear from his winter clothes and not being able to get back up when pushed down. And of course Ralphie comes up with clever ways to introduce this idea of wanting a bb gun for Christmas to his mother, who thinks it's a bad idea and exclaims "no, you'll shoot your eye out".
A Christmas Story is a wonderful Christmas movie for all and I'm glad that I can share this movie that I enjoyed in my youth with my kids.
Author: Dorsey Velasquez

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Thursday, January 6, 2011

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7 Factors to Determine the Right Paid Online Survey and Avoid Survey Scams

7 Factors to Determine the Right Paid Online Survey and Avoid Survey Scams
Photo Credit: Don Hankins / CC BY 2.0
Doddie Herman wrote a very interesting article about how to determine which online paid surveys are legitimate and which ones are scams. This is a key factor to consider, most especially for those just starting out in this money making opportunity. Without having the ability to filter out the scams from the genuine opportunities, one will no doubt, be slowed down in his/her progress.

Today, the internet world is so vast, that trying to visualize which ones are fake and which ones are true is fairly difficult. The people that control the scam sites, are those who take peoples money without a product to deliver. They do not have sense of right and wrong. In fact, I would not be surprise if those people do it on purpose. There is no telling how low a person may stoop for money.

Don't waste your time and money on these scams, there are a handful of real survey sites that are honest. Doddie Herman gives us 7 factors how to determine a true online survey site:
  1. Start making money online doing simple Paid Surveys from the very first day, even get a survey completed within no more than 15 minutes.
  2. Fine navigation site and comfortable for beginner.
  3. Access to quality surveys.
  4. Large database of companies who pay for online survey.
  5. Extraordinary customer support.
  6. Small one time fee and no more charge any additional fees whatsoever.
  7. And most important thing is 100% Money Back Guarantee.
Checkt out this article I wrote which lists down some true online paid survey sites: Where Do I Look For Online Surveys That Pay?

Take care!

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Survey Perks

Taking surveys can be really time consuming but if you have the right survey sites it's all worth the work. Though the incentives aren't that big if piled up and combined can sum up to a decent amount. It can take a while before you get higher amounts but if you do focus groups the return is way bigger than the usual surveys.

I have gathered all my survey checks and rewards points and with that I can decide on getting something. If big enough then the amount can be used for a weekend outing like Myrtle Beach Hotel and enjoy Myrtle beach best hotels. That's the kind of survey reward that's truly rewarding! A nice day at the beach or playing some rounds of golf can be so exciting.

Some survey sites have good lists of places to go using the rewards points like the aquariums, resorts and other known attractions. It's ideal to check out sites to see what he place has to offer to know if the rewards will be worth using on that place. It's like checking and from there you can see all other attractions and places to go aside from the beach and the golf course. Just check all the possible options thoroughly and from there you can be proud of what you have accomplished in doing those surveys.

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Sunday, January 2, 2011

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Get Paid To Take Survey And Earn Money At Home

I read an interesting article titled "Get Paid To Take Survey And Earn Money At Home" written by Alan Lim which provides some very good reasons why one would want to take surveys in the first place. And for those who are in the verge of doing these surveys, the author of the article explains how to prepare yourself to make your survey experience worth while and fulfilling. I like to read it once in awhile until I fully absorb the essential points. Here I will give you my opinions and brief understanding on some of the very important items on "Get Paid To Take Survey And Earn Money At Home".

First off, I'd like to point out that the title does not do the article justice. After reading it, I discovered that a more appropriate title would be something like "Taking Surveys Helps Others" or "The Importance Of Taking Surveys". I'll let you decide.

The article describes how taking surveys contributes towards creating consumer awareness. Absolutely! Products don't think for themselves. In order for a product to excel in a competitive market, the product itself has to be efficient and likable for consumers to accept. How to companies know what to do? They probably have a general idea where to start, the rest are often taken from beta testing, polls and surveys before even thinking of releasing the product! That's where survey takers come in. By taking surveys, we (the consumers) have something to say, we give suggestions, comments, opinions and in some cases complaints about a product. Therefore giving the inventors some sort of criteria and a list of standards the consumers look for in a product. So you see, by taking surveys, we not only earn a bit from it, but we also are doing a public service!

Through the use of surveys we help organizations know their product better. To further expand on what I wrote earlier, we actually help by giving them concerns of things that they probably would have never discovered if it werent for these surveys. So surveys become a powerful tool when it comes to market research, they need us. Another important thing to point out is that through surveys, these organizations are hitting 2 birds with one stone. They not only get valuable feedback for a specific product, they also advertise it through the survey itself!

Again they need us, we are important to them. Although sometimes they don't show it. We are. It's funny how every time I read the article, I always feel that survey takers should be paid more what they are worth. But that is for another post.

Back to topic, after all of these surveys have been given out and taken the products come out to the general public, fine tuned and optimized to its best. In the end, we can be happy that we contributed to its progress and also, the nice check that comes in the mail for getting involved!

The final part of the article tells us to take all kinds of product and service surveys seriously. This can be highly justified after all that has been said. Do not think of it as a waste of time because it is intended for the progress and common good for all. So whether you are getting paid to take a survey or not, be honest, and treat it as an important thing. Their is a bigger picture to see in all this.

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Post Break: Family Guy And Cartoon Network Give Me My Fix

Watching cartoons is my favorite past time, even though I am a grown woman of 30. You are never to old to watch cartoons, right? I think not! I do not think I could live without Cartoon Network. If you ask me all of the shows they play on there are for adults anyway!

I enjoy many of the shows that come on. My favorite is Family Guy! Now that's grown up entertainment at its best! Who can resist Stewie? He is the ultimate baby, and always has something smart yet cute to say! I really like the episode where he keeps repeating mommy over and over again. It is hilarious! Reminds me of a certain little boy that I know! Peter also makes the show stupendous. He reminds me of someone else that I know!

I watch Family Guy each night on my DIRECT TV. I am so fortunate that there are several episodes airing on Adult Swim each night! I can not function without my daily doses of Family Guy! Sometimes my husband will watch it with me, but he says it is a cartoon, and he shouldn't be watching it! Give me a break!

Contribution by German Flowers

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Useful Videos About Online Surveys