Friday, November 11, 2011

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Using Survey Rewards Points

It's been drizzling and pouring rain from time to time, quite unpredictable when is it going to be sunny for a nice day out in the park.  Though it is fun playing in the rain the odds of getting sick or catching colds is very high.  Summer's heat is over and now it's time to bundle up. 

Zip up hoodies are great to keep you warm and toasty. Match it with cute beanie and gloves to make sure you'll all be warmed up despite rain and chilly winds outdoors.  It is better to  be bundled and warm than to be out and later on you're freezing.  Light layering of clothes can help keep your body warm and this way it will be easier to  remove some layers once you get indoors where it's warm and toasty.

Did you know you can make use of your survey rewards points to get coupon codes or store giftcards?  Some survey sites offer certain rewards for certain retailers instead of checks ad e-cash.  This will be perfect for you fall clothing purchase not having to use your on hand money.  This is just one of the great advantages of doing surveys, once you accumulate enough points then rewards will follow.


  1. Great to hear that rewards points can be converted into gift cards, Any idea about people who are from other countries ?

  2. @Focus Groups: Thank you so much for visiting, there are international survey sites that might have the same program. I will definitely try to post something about it if I run into any survey sites that are offered internationally.


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