Monday, March 7, 2011

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Get Paid For Taking Online Surveys

Jonathon Marino wrote an insightful article about why companies are willing to pay consumers to take surveys about their products. There are 2 main reasons why, based on what I have read:

1. To give companies an idea of what their target audience wants and needs and increase the amount of revenue they bring in.
2. Feedback from the general public regarding their products or services and how to improve them in order to make more money from them.

The main reason is money. There is a saying that makes sense with this industry..."you need to spend money to make money". This is true. This is why the large companies are paying big money to market research firms who then pay money to anyone (consumers like you and me) to take the surveys online. It is a loop that goes on and on. The companies get the information they need to make the most out their products (translation - money). The market research firms play as the middle man and get paid for it. And lastly, the consumers provide the feedback to close the deal. This is an opportunity that anyone can take advantage of if they want to. It is out there and it works. Evidence you ask? Read my posts categorized under "Proof Of Payment" to see for yourself.


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