Wednesday, September 14, 2011

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Safe Cig

Electronic cigarettes are resurfacing back to the market aiming to aid chain smokers to divert on less harmful smoking option. The Safe Cig allows the smokers to enjoy the same old feeling they get from smoking except the harmful chemicals that go with it. Safe Cig is available in 6 nicotine levels including 0 nicotine for those who are just ready to quit. This cigarette manufactured by a trusted electronic cigarette company has revolutionized how this great product works making it simulate actual cigarettes without tar, ash, odor and harmful smoke. The automatic power system will make any smoker feel like it's like his same old cigar making a special vapor emulating the traditional smoke.

Ready to try and make yourself a better you? Start with the starter kit if you are a casual smoker. It comes with battery, chargers and five-pack refill cartridges. There are other kits available which actually depends on how often you smoke the whole day. All electronic cigarette kits offer optional free shipping (domestic US areas) with 30 day satisfaction guarantee and lifetime warranty. Don't be afraid to make a change for a healthier you, start ditching your old smoking habits and live a smoke free life. Just like the saying goes, "everybody deserves a second chance".


  1. I would suggest to read reviews before buying ecigs online. Its in personal interest to read reviews of electronic cigarettes like safe cigs, blu cigs and other similar brands to know which one is good for you. Mind you not all e-cigs are good. Beware and choose carefully!!

  2. Im using a vape now. I find it more realistic.

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