Sunday, September 11, 2011

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Scrubs & More

Scrubs were originally used as a replacement clothing during earlier times if street clothing was contaminated.  It is a garment usually shirts and trousersworn by nurses, surgeons and other medical technicians or gowns used by doctors.  Scrubs are intended to be worn by personnel when "scrubbing in" for surgery but present time changed this traditional norm.  Scrubs are now normally worn in many hospitals and other medical institutions not only inside the operating room but serves as a uniform for all.  Even patients are issued scrubs as temporary clothing.  

Scrubs are designed to be simple and comfortable, easy to wash and cheap to be replaced if damaged or severely stained.  There's a great market for scrubs now with more stylish accessories which add appeal to the garment.  Blue Sky Scrubs has a great number of discounted scrubs for him and her.  Blue Sky offers free returns and exchanges for all orders and also free shipping on orders worth $155 or more.  Check out the website at to see their online catalog and find the best deal.  Take advantage of the email discounts and updates by subscribing to their newsletter.  


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