Wednesday, January 19, 2011

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Survey Perks: Traveling over the Holidays

***Traveling is great most especially when it's free! Some survey sites have great travel destinations and you can use up the points you earned to redeem vouchers or gift certificates for the leisure trip. This of course costs big points but all worth the work, right?***

Traveling over the Holidays can be a great way to unwind from a stressful work environment or just an excuse to get away for a little while. Even though traveling over the holidays usually means visiting family members, some of which aren't the most fun to be around it's an essential thing for just about any contemporary family.

Over the holidays we visited family in New Mexico. When you think of the winter months new mexico isn't the first place your mind goes, but the cold there is just as bitter as the north east. We didn't expect it to be as harsh as it was, but the coats we brought were more than sufficient. After setting out home security alarm from we set out, it was a long flight, but traveling was relatively uneventful otherwise.

Even though hanging out with family doesn't seem like the most fun you can take for granted spending time with them and it's good to reminisce about random events from years ago. You can't really choose what memories you'll retain over the years, but many of the ones that are universally shared, even if you once thought they were asinine usually hold a significance for everyone. Such as the time Steve broke his arm, or that one Christmas were Cindy burnt a tray of cookies that stunk up the place. It's good to be able to reconnect with family, but thankfully you can leave to your respective homes afterward.

Written by Sherri Hicks


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