Sunday, January 2, 2011

Post Break: Family Guy And Cartoon Network Give Me My Fix

Watching cartoons is my favorite past time, even though I am a grown woman of 30. You are never to old to watch cartoons, right? I think not! I do not think I could live without Cartoon Network. If you ask me all of the shows they play on there are for adults anyway!

I enjoy many of the shows that come on. My favorite is Family Guy! Now that's grown up entertainment at its best! Who can resist Stewie? He is the ultimate baby, and always has something smart yet cute to say! I really like the episode where he keeps repeating mommy over and over again. It is hilarious! Reminds me of a certain little boy that I know! Peter also makes the show stupendous. He reminds me of someone else that I know!

I watch Family Guy each night on my DIRECT TV. I am so fortunate that there are several episodes airing on Adult Swim each night! I can not function without my daily doses of Family Guy! Sometimes my husband will watch it with me, but he says it is a cartoon, and he shouldn't be watching it! Give me a break!

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