Friday, December 10, 2010

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Survey Treats

One thing I like best with doing surveys is that I get to gather points and use it up later on for some purchase or product redemption. There are many survey sites with rewards selection like cash options, paypal, amazon codes, books, magazines, jewelries, toys and all other things.

One of my favorite survey treat is being in the focus group where I just simply participate every week at least and I get to receive amazon codes worth $15 every month. This figure might not appeal to you but to tell you the truth once it piles up you can get things that you didn't want to pay in cash. All you need is to use your code rewards and pay off your purchase with it.

It's timely that I just claimed some of my other points to get some apparels like winter jackets, clothes and accessories. This way I don't need to damage my budget and even feel good getting something new for me. I worked for it, why not?


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