Saturday, December 4, 2010

Post Break: The Steam Team

Carpet cleaning is a must to keep it from harboring bacteria due to prolonged use. Those unseen microbes can be very detrimental to someone's health. Who could do better than the Steam Team in Austin and Dallas Texas!

Two decades of dedicated cleaning experience can assure you of a cleaner and safer home. Using environmentally friendly carpet cleaning austin and non toxic carpet cleaners austin, your carpets will be fresher than ever and kid safe too! The Steam Team is also one of the leading upholstery cleaning companies austin, not only your carpets will be cleaner than ever same as your furnitures.

Throughout the years The Steam Team proved to excel in their services making sure every work will meet great customer satisfaction. They can't risk their name being on the spot with unsatisfactory job therefore assuring the quality of service at its best.


  1. Ashlea Macarthur12/13/2010 10:24 PM

    I strongly agree that carpet cleaning (Indianapolis) is a must to do, since carpets are prone to bacteria and other organism because of its long time usage. Bacteria inside our house can threaten the health of our family. To avoid it carpet cleaners (Indianapolis) see to it that every part of the carpet and upholstery is clean and free from harmful organisms.


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