Sunday, December 5, 2010

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To Do Or Not To Do...

To Do Or Not To Do
Photo Credit: hikingartist / CC BY 2.0
I wouldn't say it's easy doing surveys most especially if you'll be too impatient. It will take several trials before you get the hang of it but eventually it pays off. It's not also something that promises you good fortune and wealth, it's still all upon you and how you work on it. Why am I telling you all these facts is not to discourage you but to give you a glimpse of how surveys really work. Chances are, you may like it or you may not. If I got you interested with these survey matters, I'll check out the list of the survey sites I joined with a few guide notes simply to help you decide whether to join or not. It all depends on you.

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  1. I have tried answering surveys but sometimes they very long and the compensation is too low. Also, most of the time, the redemption amount in the survey site is too high that it will take you a long time before you can take your earnings.


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