Tuesday, August 16, 2011

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Focus Group Surveys

Surveys make great extra cash on the side but it surely takes time. Some longer surveys give bigger payout rates but most surveys only give a couple of dollars. This is the reason why never took surveys as my main means of income because it won't be sufficient. That's the bold reality, no lies and plain straightforward remark that I can give. I am not a professional survey taker also who knows all the best and high paying sites. I simply join free sites but I heard and read that paid survey sites do pay more, higher than what you'll usually get in free sites.

If you're eyeing on bigger bucks it's more recommended to go for the focus group surveys. Focus groups are known to have more perks and privileges for panel members. It will require specific time of participation and you'll be compensated accordingly. I do one for $15 worth amazon coupon code every month. All it takes is to log and participate in the community every week, at least once a week. It might not sound so great but for me it's something better than working long hours answering never ending surveys and getting just a buck or a little bit more. I actually managed to buy big items out of the rewards that I got from the focus group community after putting together all the rewards and using it for a bigger purchase.

See what works best for you and your interest. There are many kinds of surveys, there will always be the perfect one for you.


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