Monday, October 1, 2012

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Vanity Sinks

When designing a new bathroom for a new home or a remodel, so many things have to be taken into consideration. Color schemes, materials, fixtures, lighting and accessories. One of the most important fixtures in any bathroom are vanity sinks. They are used every single day and a good vanity sink in your bathroom can make all the difference between a bad bathroom and a good one.

Waterworks offers 2 great vanity sinks that not only function great, but look great as well. They have the Clara Oval Undermount Vitreous Lavatory and the Clara Rectangular Undermount Vitreous China Lavatory which are both fantastic for apartments and powder rooms! They have a high gloss finish making the sinks themselves stain and scratch resistant. Intense heat during the firing process of these sinks creates a non-porous surface that will not fade or discolor. These sinks are of high quality in design and function and will make a great addition to any bathroom.

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  1. Do they have any online surveys for this type of stuff? I'd like to be able to review things like this and get my opinions out there.


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