Friday, December 10, 2010

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Survey Treats

One thing I like best with doing surveys is that I get to gather points and use it up later on for some purchase or product redemption. There are many survey sites with rewards selection like cash options, paypal, amazon codes, books, magazines, jewelries, toys and all other things.

One of my favorite survey treat is being in the focus group where I just simply participate every week at least and I get to receive amazon codes worth $15 every month. This figure might not appeal to you but to tell you the truth once it piles up you can get things that you didn't want to pay in cash. All you need is to use your code rewards and pay off your purchase with it.

It's timely that I just claimed some of my other points to get some apparels like winter jackets, clothes and accessories. This way I don't need to damage my budget and even feel good getting something new for me. I worked for it, why not?

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Sunday, December 5, 2010

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To Do Or Not To Do...

To Do Or Not To Do
Photo Credit: hikingartist / CC BY 2.0
I wouldn't say it's easy doing surveys most especially if you'll be too impatient. It will take several trials before you get the hang of it but eventually it pays off. It's not also something that promises you good fortune and wealth, it's still all upon you and how you work on it. Why am I telling you all these facts is not to discourage you but to give you a glimpse of how surveys really work. Chances are, you may like it or you may not. If I got you interested with these survey matters, I'll check out the list of the survey sites I joined with a few guide notes simply to help you decide whether to join or not. It all depends on you.

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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Post Break: The Steam Team

Carpet cleaning is a must to keep it from harboring bacteria due to prolonged use. Those unseen microbes can be very detrimental to someone's health. Who could do better than the Steam Team in Austin and Dallas Texas!

Two decades of dedicated cleaning experience can assure you of a cleaner and safer home. Using environmentally friendly carpet cleaning austin and non toxic carpet cleaners austin, your carpets will be fresher than ever and kid safe too! The Steam Team is also one of the leading upholstery cleaning companies austin, not only your carpets will be cleaner than ever same as your furnitures.

Throughout the years The Steam Team proved to excel in their services making sure every work will meet great customer satisfaction. They can't risk their name being on the spot with unsatisfactory job therefore assuring the quality of service at its best.

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Post Break: On Medical Scrubs

Medical scrubs and uniforms are a lot trendier now than before, thanks to Blue Sky Scrubs for such good quality nursing uniforms. Blue Sky has a great selection of the finest and most fashionable medical scrubs in the market. Now with more colors to choose from like green, pink, chocolate, lilac and blue.

There are many other medical uniform stores out there but Blue Sky prove to be one of the trendiest in the market now. Not only their scrubs look good but so as their scrub hats with funky colorful designs. With more than 700 fabric choices you can't be out of style when it comes to your scrub hats.

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

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Make Money Online - Ideas for Teens

The internet has been a very wonderful tool for teens,there are several ways that teens can make money especially this coming summer here are some of the ways to help you generate extra cash.
Teens can join in online surveys and make quiet a bit of money. Online survey databases help the teens in finding great surveys at regular intervals that will help them earn during their holidays. The teens have to register for free and give details such as their age, educational qualification, interests, geographical location etc. They may then earn $5 to $75 for each survey the take.
Some teens sign on to try free products and give their opinion, which will make them money in return. They enjoy this, as they get to keep the products, some of which may be cool and very attractive.
Teens can also start making money online by reading e-mails. They just have to click on advertisements displayed in the pages for a few seconds and then move on to another email with another advertisement. They may be paid from a few cents to up to $5, for each page they viewed.
Making money online can also be done by starting a blog and earn money by sponsoring websites/business that may pay them to be featured on the blog. They need to use SEO to get their blog visible and to drive targeted traffic to their websites.
Teens can also make money online by trying their hand at affiliate marketing. They may select products that are popular with their peers and market them most effectively, using a relevant keyword rich SEO website.
Teens may also start their own online business, offering services such as dog grooming, baby sitting, lawn mowing etc. They may design their own websites and use Google AdSense to supplement their earnings. They just have to use appropriate content for the keyword that they optimized their site for.
If the parents run a home based business, the kids can help by acting as virtual assistants and earn by working online.
Teens may also start a small scale business online such as a gift basket making business, or they may take up writing on topics that interest them and post them on article directories. They may get hired by firms that like their writing style. They may also foray into making money from myspace, by shooting videos that they can sell.
Making money online has made it possible for teens to become millionaires too, so just take your time, select a method that you are comfortable with; use your creativity to make it a success. These are a few money making ideas for teens to earn online go to

About the Author: Carolyne is a young adult from Connecticut, US, who left University in his 2nd year. Since then, she has created multiple streams of Income through internet marketing, by helping and teaching others how to market online and make BIG MONEY using a simple yet powerful system.

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Post Break: On Compare Cards

Applying for compare credit cards and any other credit cards is not as easy as before. They always require credit history in which if you have none, how will you ever get started to be granted with even one credit card? You're lucky if you even land on a zero percent interest credit card despite not having a credit history to start off.

One way of getting started with credit card is to establish a secure credit card application. There are several banks which offer this kind of credit card application like Wells Fargo and Capital One secured card. This doesn't require any credit history but at least to open an account with a certain deposit to have the secured credit card approved. Once you have established your credit history then you can already apply for a real credit card without any hassle anymore, of course just make sure you'll have a good credit rating to begin with.

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Friday, September 24, 2010

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Online Surveys for Money - Things to Remember To Be Successful

When you complete online surveys for money, it's important to keep some good life principles in mind as well as good work principles. For example, you should not pretend to be someone other than who you are. The questionnaires you answer need to come from your own knowledge and experience with the product or service that you are reviewing. You need to take the job seriously and think about the answers--not just put down any answer for the sake of getting through the questions. Do a good job for the companies that provide the surveys because it's the right thing to do to make the extra cash.


Honesty in completing online surveys for money is one of the most important things to remember. You should be honest in everything, but especially you should make sure that you are who you say you are. If you are pretending to be 10 years older than you are, just to obtain the surveys to do, your false answers to the questionnaires will skew the results of the survey. If you respond as if you had used a product when you have not, you have no right to express your opinions about the specific product. Your opinions about the products you know and use are needed by businesses and organizations.


Commitment is another important quality to remember when you complete online surveys for money. You should commit to complete the surveys you agree to do. You commit to only accept surveys where you meet the criteria. You commit to honesty about your experiences that you report. You commit to honesty about who you are and the characteristics in your personal profile.
You need to take the job you have seriously just as you would any other job. Fortunately this is easy to do when you like the work you do.


When you do online surveys for money, you must be certain to be accurate in answering the questionnaires. This is the only way that the companies you provide surveys for can determine the real truth about the performance of the products that you are surveying. Take the necessary time to read the questions carefully and to respond according to the best information you have. Don't rush through the survey with less than full attention to detail. Another place where accuracy is critical is in providing the personal profile that you submit. This includes such characteristics as age, residence, race and job details.

Job Satisfaction

Job satisfaction of the person completing online surveys for money is an important thing to remember. When the worker makes the decision to make a change in work location so that the work may be completed at home, there is much in the way of positive results that ensue. The availability of income from the home at a level that meets financial needs is an important one for most home based workers. The reduction of many transportation based expenses will be just as important. In addition, enjoying the ability to be the one that makes the decisions on what your schedule will look like.

About the Author: The best information on the internet about how to complete Online Surveys for Cash or Online Surveys for Money can be found by a click of the mouse at to join some of the best free survey sites.

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Post Break: On Mesothelioma

Doesn't it scare you knowing that our surrounding can pose great danger to us and our health? It's not so impossible these days if that becomes evident to one's environment, before there wasn't much pollution and it's very safe and clean. Life before might have been really simple and basic but people way back then were much healthier than people of this generation.

It's not a very safe environment now with so much exposures from substances, chemicals and impurities most especially in certain work environments where asbestos dust and fibers are evident. This alone can lead to Mesothelioma cancer. Mesothelioma, a rare type of disease attacking the Mesothelium. Surviving Mesothelioma is not very impossible, perhaps with proper treatment and immediate care this can be beaten just like any other diseases.

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Monday, September 13, 2010

Post Break: On Camelback Displays

Joining trade shows and other events is a very efficient way to promote advertising. As we all know business grows with proper advertising and Camelback has the answers to all kinds of advertising that you would need.

Choose from wide array of products like trade show flooring and trade show carpet to lead people to your booth, logo mats and logo canopy will be perfect to complete your advertising solutions. Be as festive and creative as you can be with your banners and graphics because everything can be made with custom designs.

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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

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Taking Surveys Online: Earn a Handful of Money

Taking Surveys Online: Earn a Handful of Money
Photo Credit: Quazie / CC BY 2.0
There is a small profit to be made, beleive it or not. Taking surveys online has been around for quite awhile now and this opportunity has no plans of slowing down anytime soon. Major companies pay money for feedback, it is quick and easy and pretty much reliable method. Why? To improve their products which translates to more sales. More quality, more sales, more money. This is the cycle that never ends.

Companies cannot wait for volunteers to give them feedback, it is not reality. How many of us have mailed back those feedback forms that come with product we have purchased? Not too many, I guarantee it. That is why they are willing to pay people to take the surveys. To the big companies, it is a form of investment which will validate their products.

It is not as easy as answering a survey and getting paid for it. If it were, then many will be writing great things about it. But like any method of making money, it takes dedication and hard work. With surveys, you have to qualify to take a specific surveys. This is how companies assure themselves, that the data collected has value. Why pay for data that is worthless and risk the success of your product? So survey takers usually have to go through a pre-survey in order to determine if they can qualify for the real paying survey.

At this point, many give up. They go through about 3 pre-qualifying surveys and have not earned a dime yet. It is frustrating, yes. Then there are those who don't give up, those who are determined to qualify. They are the ones who eventually get the real paying online surveys. They were patient and determined. So remember, don't be discouraged, be patient and you will qualify. It consumes time at the beginning, but later on you will find your flow and start learning the process. Don't give up and hang in there!

Some survey sites to get you started can be found on this article: Some Other Interesting Survey Sites!

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Monday, August 30, 2010

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What Exactly Are Paid Surveys?

What Exactly Are Paid Surveys?Paid surveys has proven itself valuable to many companies who are constantly improving their products and their competitiveness in today's market. It is fairly simple to conduct, quick, and undeniably cost effective. This is why large companies tend to take this approach. They offer people like you and I the opportunity to complete their surveys on paper and/or online for some cash in return. They need opinions from consumers in order to somewhat predict the success of a particular product or to find ways to improve their products. They need us. They want to learn from us. Without our opinions, whether it be biased or not, companies decreases their chances of success.

This is not a money making route that will lead to financial freedom. It is however, an opportunity to earn extra cash on the side. We at Real Paying Online Surveys have a number of Suggestions and Guides that may help you in this new venture if you plan on being committed to it. Need proof that there is money to be made... read our Proof Of Payment articles!

Be patient, and have fun.

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Post Break: On Blue SKy Scrubs

Fashion and function don't always work together so well before but nowadays smart reinventions make these two work in perfect harmony. If before denims were just limited to washed and regular fit, now it comes with different styles which can suit any particular occasion and use.

Say for instance medical scrubs, nursing uniform scrubs, and lab coats, before these used to be so plain and boring and designed to be worn over your regular clothes. It's quite uncomfortable having to wear layers of clothing most especially in a work are where you have to move around and do things quick. Nowadays it's a normal sight to see people around even walking with their medical scrub and yet be so comfortable. Fit and comfort were the best considerations for these clothing and rest assured that you'll be happy with what Blue Sky Scrubs has in store for you.

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Thursday, July 8, 2010

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6 Ways To Maximize Your Paid Survey Income

While doing surveys and encountering road blocks, spam, and success... you may have already adapted to system that you have forged without you even knowing. A system that makes you excel in this business of online surveys for cash. A system that makes you more efficient which will potentially increase your earnings.

Here I will list 6 crucial ways to maximize your paid survey income:

  1. Check Your Email. Checking your email several times a day and be active by accepting surveys and offers. By doing this you will have gained a reputation of reliability with survey companies.
  2. Join As Many As You Can. By joining many research companies, small pay or large pay... you are increasing your chances of getting surveys. Plant seeds. Get yourself in the game. It will eventually become valuable to you.
  3. Refer To Others. Expose your findings and help others out that are doing the same as you or trying to begin. Many of these survey companies will have referral programs that pay. This is yet another way to earn.
  4. Be Meticulous. Be very careful on typing down your information on the companies that you become affiliated with. I single mistake could result in you not getting paid on time or surveys being sent to another email address. And I'm sure nobody likes that.
  5. Update Your System. make sure your computers software is up to date with the latest java and flash applications installed. Many companies require this and not having these installed may result in you missing an important survey opportunity which means money lost.
  6. Join Focus Groups. Joining focus groups is like the cherry on top. Focus groups can actually pay pretty good per hour once this level is reached in the world of online surveys. But like anything. This will require time.
So there you have it. Six ways to maximize your paid survey income!

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Post Break: On

Insurance can be very useful in time of need and this is what has to offer. May it be Australian life insurance or term life insurance, guaranteed you'll get the best deal out of your hard earned money.

How about in event of death? Would you rather shed out all your savings for the funeral cost rather than leaving it to your family for some financial support? Funeral insurance can make a big difference in this kind of situation. There will be no more need to worry about other things while grieving for your loss. The expenses will be covered with so much ease in processing. How ready can you be?

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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Post Break: On DirectTV

Having added amenities in the restaurant can be more inviting for diners. It gives them more things to look forward to and not just dining. Some eating places have arcades for everybody to play, little kiddie areas and lounging areas. Of course this might not apply to all other establishments but a little TV wouldn't hurt to add.

Nowadays Direct TV business & Dish business offer Business cable service for commercial establishments. It's nice to have a TV set up most especially now that the world cup is being aired. Some people prefers to stay home and finish their show before heading out but if they can see it anywhere outside like restaurants while enjoying their food, what else could be better?

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

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Neobux - PTC

I was sent a referral invitation for Neobux and Palmbux, pay to click sites. It's almost a month since I joined and so far I can assess the two sites based on comparison. So far I was told that these sites really pay.

Neobux is better in terms of click rates and the simplicity of the PTC ads. I like this site better than the other one. Palmbux isn't as simplified as Neobux. I don't like having to wait for another system to click after checking out the ads. It requires more time than Neobux but lesser click rate. Payout rate is just $2.00.

Joining these sites won't mean you'll get big money from doing PTC ads. It's just a few cent/s and it will take time before it becomes a dollar at least. The better way to earn from this is through referrals. If I don't have any works to handle I don't really mind doing the PTC even if the rate value is very small increment. In time without knowing it you'll have few bucks already.

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Post Break: On Buying Online

Wireless internet providers are awesome. They make shopping a whole lot easier, and I find what I am need. My Father loves tools. So, I usually check out the Sears website, and I find more tools than I can imagine. Lowe's also sales a variety of handy man toys. My Father is bound to love the gift I give him this year. The only problem that I have now is that I need help picking the right tool. He loves saws, drills, and hammers. However, he has so many of those that I have to do something a little differently.

I think that the tape measure level is really cool. Not only can he use it to make accurate measurements, but he can use it to make sure that his woodwork is level. I think that this is the perfect Father's day gift for my Dad. Shopping online for his gift saved me a lot of time, and it also spared me the irritating experience of long lines. This year I can skip those obnoxious stores. I simply love shopping online for this gift. I have now made it a new tradition.

This is a guest post by John Martin

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Post Break: On Mesothelioma

Mesothelioma disease is known as a rare kind of disease caused by exposure to asbestos dust or fibers. The diagnosis comes late and at most cases on a higher level of risk already. Treatments can be performed like radiation or chemotherapy and surgery depending on the location of the cancer.

There's no promised cure for this but there's a promised help for those who have been affected by this disease within their work premises. A mesothelioma lawyer can help with this case, a professional who is specializing on mesothelioma cases. Nobody else knows better than a mesothelioma attorney for such case. Proper compensation and help can be raised for the case with the right knowledge.

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Monday, June 14, 2010

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Zoompanel, You've Got ThAT Loving Feeling!

Not all survey sites have cash rewards but still worth joining like Zoompanel. This survey site doesn't offer cash for rewards, instead you can claim your survey points with great items in their rewards catalog. For me it works pretty good since my husband loves to collect movies and instead of me buying I simply choose from the titles they have and voila... it will be delivered within 1-4weeks. So far I haven't experienced any of the dvds I requested to take longer than 2weeks to be delivered here. Zoompanel has other reward items like books, electronic items, kitchen items and other stuffs. Try it and see for yourself.

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Post Break: Data Graphics Inc.

Are you a business owner in need of custom label for your merchandise? Check out Data Graphics Inc., a company which carries custom labels for commercial, industrial and even military specification purposes. Product lines are extensive from graphic overlays, nameplates, embossed overlays, pressure sensitive decal,warning labels, roll labels, instruction labels, sequential barcodes, thermal transfer labels, serialized labels, die cut products, metal photo, selective texture, hardcoating and military specification product identification.

Having quality labels is important in every business. This ensures standard, safety and proper identification of every item. Who else can you trust for your label needs but the one who's been in business for almost 25 years!

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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Post Break: Tickets @ Ticket America

Summer season's up and it's nice to enjoy some great shows and live events with family or friends. Summer's not just all about the beach or picnics, it's also time for some action!

Watch your favorite live season games all over the country as you travel along. That's a good way to add up spice and fun to your usual travel or summer routine. Now is the time when you can enjoy more of the outdoors with the nice warm sun and off with the very chilly breeze. Check out Verizon Center, Yankee Stadium or AT&T Park this hot summer to see what deals they have for the tickets! You may also check out all other baseball stadiums near you, they definitely have what you're looking for. Ticketing system is powered by

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Saturday, April 17, 2010

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Top 4 Rumors To Discourage You About Online Surveys

Top 4 Rumors To Discourage You About Online Surveys
Photo Credit: hikingartist / CC BY-ND 2.0
Like anything in this world, there will be opposing forces that will try and sometimes will talk you out of a passion, a dream, a goal or maybe something that interest you. Depending on on what it's about, it actually may be a good thing. The business of online surveys is no exception. People have their own opinions on this topic. Some hate it, some love it, there are even those who will claim that it is nothing but a scam. Fortunately for us some rumors are just not true. I will list and elaborate 4 major rumors that are not true about online surveys.

1. You Can't Make Money Doing Online Surveys!

This is a rumor that chops the heads off of most beginners. It has been proven over and over again by many bloggers and online survey takers. This blog alone proves it! Look for my posts labeled "Proof Of Payment" and you will find that I have have been earning some extra cash. Money in the bank does not lie. So rest assured, online surveys do pay. Why do rumors like this spread? Because there are many that give up fast and early in the game that all they can say is that you can't make money. Be patient and be willing, the money will come.

2. Online Survey Companies Are All Scams!

This is a rumor that is exaggerated. Though there will be scam sites there are many that are not. In fact, most are not scams! If you want to determine the sites that are legit, look at the site and find a link that shows that they are a member of the Better Business Bureau. Those that are not affiliated with this should be further studied as they may be a scam site. Look for user reviews and see what others have to say before judging.

3. They Don't Pay You Enough!

There will be sites that pay too little or don't pay by cash. But to say this for all online survey sites is a bit harsh. There are many that pay well. It is your job to sort out the best from the rest. There are even many suggestions from experienced users. I've also posted some articles that give out suggestions based on actual experience. Look for my posts labeled "Suggestions and Guides". Go for what you want, If you want cash, focus on the sites that pay cash, if you love gift cards, focus on the sites that pay out with gift cards.

4. Online Surveys Are A Waste Of Time!

Many people will claim that these opportunities are a waste of time based on limited knowledge and experience. Most people who claim this, are probably those who have tried and gave up too early. Don't let these rumors discourage you, If you really focus and stick with your guns and grow your revenue streams, you will discover that it is not a waste of time, instead perhaps an investment of your time. For many people, online surveys provide the means for that extra boost to put food on the table, to be able to pay rent, to be able to buy that gift you've always wanted to give to your loved one. For these people, myself included, it is not a waste of time. It is a blessing and opportunity.

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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Post Break: On Online Coupons are Awesome

Until recently I have never been an avid coupon clipper. I know that by just throwing the coupons away i am probably irritating some people. I have been told that it is just completely ridiculous to not utilize a way to save extra money. The truth of the matter is I am a very busy person. I work two jobs and have three children. Therefore, I usually have a lot more things to do on my list other than clipping and sorting through a bunch of coupons.

A friend of mine turned me on to getting coupons online. I have had satellite internet service for quite some time, but usually my kids use it more than me. A while back I decided that I would take my friend's advice and check out and I was amazed at how easily I could find coupons that I actually needed. The best part was I could print the ones that I wanted right then. On top of that I also found coupons that required no clipping at all. This is something called electronic coupons and can be used to purchase items online. Some where even for free or reduced shipping. Since then I am completely addicted. There is not a day that goes by that I do not check to see what new coupons are available that I may want. I never knew that couponing could be so easy and fast with my hughes net internet. If I would have discovered this a long time ago, I could have saved myself a lot of money.

You still will not find me clipping and sorting through the coupons that I get in the mail. I seriously cannot find the time. Nevertheless, do not be surprised to see me at the grocery store with my freshly printed coupons in hand.

This is a guest post by Wilson Philsing

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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Post Break: My Boyfriend and The Hangover

When my boyfriend moved in, he ordered bestchoiceTV. This weekend was the first since he moved in that we both were off from work and it was nice to sit and watch one of our favorite movies together. We watched The Hangover.
The Hangover is about a man named Doug who is getting ready to get married, but before him and three of his friends go to Las Vegas to have a bachelor party. The movie starts the day after when the three friends wake up in their suite at Caesar’s Palace to find a trashed room, a six-month-old baby in the closet, a tiger in the bathroom, and that the groom is missing.
With no memories of the previous nights events, the three friends then embark on multiple adventures in a 48 hour time span throughout Sin City that involve everything from a missing tooth to a drunken wedding featuring a stripper at the bride. As they retrace their steps and right their wrongs, they manage to find the groom and get him to the wedding on time. I think the best character in the movie was the brother-in-law because he was so crazy.
For the first time I was thrilled that my boyfriend had went and ordered that Direct TV Package because if he hadn’t we would not have got to watch the movie. We had not yet gone to purchase the DVD and it was nice to have it readily available instead of having to get ready in the middle of the night and drive all the way out to the store on a whim without even knowing if they had it in stock. In all it was a great evening.
Post from Barbara Martin

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Post Break: Piano Lessons

It is never too late to try and learn things and now we can even do it in the comfort of our home. That's how much technology has to offer now. Before doing piano lessons has to be with a one-on-one instructor or you going to piano lessons class somewhere.

Check out where you can find simple basic to intermediate instructions and guides about piano lessons and everything you need to know about piano. Piano chords are also available there, just search for what you need. Now that we're living in a virtual world, it's no surprise that piano classes can be done online now.

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Friday, March 12, 2010

Post Break: Repairpal

Maintaining a healthy car is important, just like us keeping ourselves healthy. Through that we can all move and be more efficient. As we all know car here is a necessity, very important to keep us mobile and accessible anywhere.

For car check-up check out repairpal Los Angeles auto repair. May it be head gasket or other parts replacement and repair they can have you covered. Extending to different car models like toyota corolla, ford explorer, chevrolet cobalt and etc.

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

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4 Ways To Make It Long Term

4 Ways To Make It Long Term
Photo Credit: hikingartist / CC BY 2.0
Now that you have embraced and practiced the concept of making money through online surveys, it is time to think about how to make it a long term cash flow. You want to harness what you have gathered and gradually improve your methods and refine your list of survey sites that you have gathered and will continue to gather. This is the key to making it a long term success rather than just some extra money you've gathered over the summer and are done with it. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but you have to understand that you have an opportunity to continue to earn and increase your earning potential over time. So in this article I will will share with you 4 tips to making your online survey earnings into a long term income.

Research About The Survey Site You Are Considering

This is one of the basic things you will need to do when you decide to earn money taking online surveys. You need to lay out your choices. The good ones and the bad ones, the scammers and the real ones, the high paying ones and the low paying ones... I think you know what I'm talking about. We all go through this thought more often then we think we do. There are sites that are dedicated to give you the right choices, but even those sites have to be in question because generally there are 2 types, the fake ones and the real ones. When looking at your sites in question, look at all the details you can look at and decide which ones work for you the best.

What Will They Pay You?

You have to remember always that there are several ways a survey site may pay you. It may be cash, it may be through gift cards, it may be through points which can be used to purchase items from there affiliate stores, there are many ways. I personally prefer to be paid in cash. In fact many prefer the cash as supposed to gift cards there are those who love the gift cards. Another thing to familiarize yourself with, is to check how much a survey site will be paying you per completed survey. All this will help you decide which survey site is right for you.

How Will They Pay You?

Is is fun to earn money by taking online surveys and even more fun when you start seeing you savings pile up. There is however another thing to consider when choosing which sites will help you earn in the long run. There different payment systems for each survey site you come across. There will be those that pay using checks. There are sites that will pay via PayPal, I like this the most because you may link it to one of your bank accounts and transfer directly saving you precious time. For those that don't pay by cash, they will reward you with gift cards that you may use to purchase items from a qualifying store. Research from others experiences to see how reliable their payment system is and if their system will work for your long term goal, which is making your online survey taking venture into a long term income opportunity.

How Consistent Are They?

This is probably the most important tip out of the 4 for making your online survey income a long term income. Some survey sites only send you a survey once a month, some every day and on top of this, profits may range according to frequency. You need to find out from others who are using the sites in question in order to help you decide which survey sites can be utilized according to your schedule. Though sometimes, survey sites will conduct a survey on you, to find out your habits and interests, and that will determine how often and what type of surveys you get. So do not turn your back on a survey site based on a few users experiences. Layout everything and decide using your standards.

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

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4 Tips To Take Online Surveys For Money

4 Tips To Take Online Surveys For Money
Photo Credit: hikingartist / CC BY 2.0
There are important rules or guidelines to follow when taking online surveys for money. With out a strong foundation, we minimize our chances of being successful and efficient in this wonderful opportunity. We all need rules, whether it be at work or at home. Guidelines to follow religiously so that way may maximize productivity and increase revenues. Today I would like to share these rules and guidelines with you!

1. Sign Up With Many Companies.

This may annoy you or even push you away, but signing up with many quality survey sites will be essential in succeding in this industry. You have to maximize your potential to earn the most from what you can. Plant your seeds, should one go bad, you will have many more to prosper from and that one bad seed will not disable your money fortress that you spent a lot of time building. Be smart and sprawl.

2. Observe The Pay Rates For Each Completed Survey.

Survey rates vary from anywhere between 2 dollars and 50 dollars and more for each completed survey. Completed survey? A completed survey is a survey that you complete from beginning to end and the more surveys you complete the more chances you have of more than 50 dollars. There will be many surveys that you won't complete, so keep an eye out for this opportunity.

3. Be Very Patient.

I suggest that you be very patient when doing online surveys. This tip goes to those who are just starting out most especially. Expect to not be making the big amounts talked about by pros or by advertisement. Everyone will start out from somewhere, and typically, you won't be raking in a whole load of cash. Not just yet. Many people get frustrated at the beggining stages and end up quitting. Don't throw away the opportunity just because of a few low paying surveys. Be very patient! Relax, learn and gain momentum. It will take time, but it does pay.

4. Consistency.

Taking online surveys for money will require you to take online surveys frequently. This is part of building momentum. Taking as many as you can and improving your list of survey sites and concentrating on the best ones is a work in progress and is always changing. So stay in the ball game and always look for new survey sites or sites that you have not come across yet and sign up for them while continuing to take online surveys from sites that you have already signed up with. Have a steady and consistent work flow and focus on establishing a steady income from this opportunity.

This will all be worth it when you start seeing that extra income coming in. Have fun!

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