Tuesday, August 30, 2011

How You Can Get Paid for Online Survey

How You Can Get Paid for Online Survey
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So you have seen it on the internet everywhere. Get paid for online surveys! Real paying online surveys! Surveys for cash! Is all this for real? Let me be one of many to say YES, it is for real! If you have been reading my posts, then you probably have noticed some of my posts that show proof of payment. It works, no doubt about it. I won't lie and say they there are no scam sites, they exist, but there are sites that actually pay and many have earned some extra cash from this opportunity.

There are many companies that pay big money in order to get customer feedback. Companies usually pay big bucks on advertisement and are curious to know if it was all worth it. So paying you (myself including) a few dollars in exchange for your time and opinion is nothing compared to the money they spend for advertising! So take advantage of this and register with sites that are affiliated with Fortune 500 companies. You can expect surveys that pay you ranging from $2 to $50, the amount you get totally depends on the company conducting the survey, the duration of the survey and other similar factors.

Keep in mind that there will be survey sites that pay in the form of points that can be converted to cash, discounts or merchandise. So if you are after cash, be sure to investigate ahead of time before joining a site and then later being disappointed that they don't pay in the form of cash. Plan ahead and make a list of sites, or better yet, make several lists of sites to distinguish the ones that pay in cash, the ones that pay in gift cards and the ones that pay in discounts. Organizing and managing your resources will certainly improve your efficiency and increasing your revenue at the same time. Also, something to take note of, is that different sites pay using different methods. Some sites will send you money through PayPal and some will send you checks. This may or may not be a factor in choosing which sites to join but may prove useful.

This opportunity is available to everyone and you can earn some extra cash by doing online surveys. The amount you earn will depend on your effort and strategy, so plan it out and see how much you can make!

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Post Break: Arab News

There are so many things happening all over the world right now, crisis here and there, war, rebellion, natural disasters, etc. Sometimes keeping up with the news feels more like inputting negativity to your home with all the bad things happening around. Seriously, who would want to see all those kind of news after a tiring day from work? But let's face the truth because it's inevitable avoiding such obvious matters happening around. In a way it's a good way to be alarmed and informed than feeling dumb not knowing anything happening around you.

The television is the one most up to date sources of news all over the world though it's hard to get specific news on things that you want to know about. Say for instance the Japan Tsunami and nuclear status or Middle East crisis updates, it's better to surf the net and read sites focusing on those events. The Arab News has a good online circular about all the happenings in the Mid East. There's no need to do numerous searches just to find news and updates about Middle East, it's all there hot and ready for new and avid readers.

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

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Focus Group Surveys

Surveys make great extra cash on the side but it surely takes time. Some longer surveys give bigger payout rates but most surveys only give a couple of dollars. This is the reason why never took surveys as my main means of income because it won't be sufficient. That's the bold reality, no lies and plain straightforward remark that I can give. I am not a professional survey taker also who knows all the best and high paying sites. I simply join free sites but I heard and read that paid survey sites do pay more, higher than what you'll usually get in free sites.

If you're eyeing on bigger bucks it's more recommended to go for the focus group surveys. Focus groups are known to have more perks and privileges for panel members. It will require specific time of participation and you'll be compensated accordingly. I do one for $15 worth amazon coupon code every month. All it takes is to log and participate in the community every week, at least once a week. It might not sound so great but for me it's something better than working long hours answering never ending surveys and getting just a buck or a little bit more. I actually managed to buy big items out of the rewards that I got from the focus group community after putting together all the rewards and using it for a bigger purchase.

See what works best for you and your interest. There are many kinds of surveys, there will always be the perfect one for you.

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Post Break: Precious Smile

They say when you smile, the whole world will smile on you. True or not? Well this may not be true on certain times but at most times when you do so, people will smile back at you. You wouldn't lose anything if you greet and smile to someone so it's good to always keep your pearly whites clean and smile ready for anyone. A smile can be contagious, it can affect one person to another.

Proper care for the teeth and entire mouth is important for everyone. Of course finding the best dentist for you is one way to stay on the right track with oral health and some cases visiting a Periodontist is a must. Just like doctors, dentists have specialties in their field. There are the general dentists whom we see during our normal dental visit for cleaning, filling and other teeth related issues. Other than the dentists there are specialists who do the x-ray, cosmetic procedures and periodontal services.

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Thursday, August 11, 2011

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Online Paid Surveys – Internet Jackpot or Petty Cash?

Type the phrase “paid surveys” in Google, and you will see a countless list of paid survey web sites. Some claim $150/hr payment, others say it’s the perfect work at home job, while others say online paid surveys are just a scam. With all of these conflicting links, it’s hard to know what to believe. Are online paid surveys an Internet Jackpot, an online scam, or somewhere in between? Are you missing a great opportunity or should you stay away?

The first thing that you must understand is that market research is a real business. Market Research firms have been paying customers to take surveys and participate in focus groups long before the internet was a household commodity. It’s just that with the increasing number of people online, the internet has become an effective and efficient way for marketing companies to collect data and test their advertisements. Also the internet gives these market research firms access to a wide demographic of users, which allows them to get a better idea of how their products will perform with people of different age, sex, nationality, etc.

Unfortunately, many questionable sites have popped up on the internet which has ruined the image on online paid surveys. These sites usually make outrageous claims about how much money you can make by working from home. They usually charge a “membership fee” to gain access to a list of web sites that conduct online paid surveys. They claim that their lists are special, and offer the highest paying surveys. But the truth is that the survey sites they list can be found for free on the internet. Legitimate market research firms do not charge panel members any fees or try to sell you any products. With a little research you can find all of the quality market research firms yourself. Also, there are several good sites on the internet that offer free reviews and listings. You should never have to pay for information or access to online paid surveys.

Assuming that you manage to avoid the scams, and stick with legitimate market research firms, the question remains is it really worth the time? The answer lies in your expectations. If you are looking for the perfect work at home dream job, this is not it. If you would be happy with an extra couple hundred dollars a month then read on.

The typical pay for any given survey varies, but most offer between $2 to as high as $50 or more per survey. The problem is that these firms are usually looking for a certain demographic, and you may not always qualify for all the paid surveys that are sent your way. These survey invitations are usually sent to you via an email, with details about the incentive offered, and a link to the survey. Usually you are asked to fill out a short screener survey, and if you qualify then you can continue on and earn the full amount promised. If you do not qualify, you are dismissed, with some sites offering a small incentive or a sweepstakes entry for your time. The screener survey usually takes less than 5 minutes, and the full survey can take anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes.

If you sign up with several quality market research firms, and can qualify for several surveys, you should be able to make anywhere from $50 to several hundred dollars a month for the household petty cash piggy bank. It’s not exactly a fortune, but it can help offset some of your monthly bills, and it only takes a couple hours a week.

About the Author: Jimmy Myers is the editor of Online Paid Surveys Guide, a web site that offers free, paid survey site listings, searchable by regions of UK, United States, Canada, Australia, Asia-Pacific, and International. Listings have detailed descriptions, incentives offered, user and editorial reviews and ratings. In addition the site offers many additional paid surveys resources in the way of tips, user blogs, survey feedback polls, and more.

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Hawaii Homes

Find a agent to know important information on open houses, properties for sale, properties for rent, current mortgage rates, historical sales data and other pertinent information before you buy your next dream Hawaii houses or rental property in Hawaii. There is new construction on all of the Islands. Maui probably has the lead on new construction and the local joke is that they have moved part of Mission Viejo to Hawaii. A lot of interesting things are happening in Hawaii which can work out great for the local economy. And when the economy grows, so does opportunities in development.

There are many old homes in Hawaii which could be something worth looking at as well. If you want to live in Hawaii why live in an area that is just like somewhere else. The older homes are classics and generally on larger lots with old growth foliage. But there are new projects on the Big Island and new condos and a few small projects on the North Shore. Look around and surely you will find something you are looking for. Happy real estate hunting and good luck!

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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

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Post Break: Roaman's Plus Size Fashion

Finding the right size clothes is very important, this entails comfort and proper fit. However plus size dresses can be a little harder to get with specific styles and in-season fashion. Roaman's plus size dresses offers beautiful and stylish clothes for full figured women.

Take advantage of the first-time registrants promotion, subscribe to Roaman's and get a free shipping coupon code right in your inbox. Shop all you want, choose the best dresses for you and enjoy the free shipping. Not only that you'll get to enjoy free shipping on your first order, grab the free bag and wallet set with any purchase using their promotion code RDSUMMERFREE which expires on 08/14/11 at 11:59pm EDT.

Roaman's knows what plus-size fashion is all about, all styles and designs are custom tailored for fuller figured women. Complete with clothing line from casual, suits, outerwear, dresses, denims, shoes and even lingerie for plus-size exclusive comfort.  Every woman deserves the right to flaunt her fashion sense and style no matter what her size may be.  Roaman's understands every full sized women's needs when it comes to great comfort and fashion.

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Saturday, August 6, 2011

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Search Engine Optimization

When it comes to search engine optimization, things can get very tedious and frustrating, most especially to those who can't grasp the concept behind it and what it is supposed to do. We all hear about how important it is to make our site SEO friendly and how crucial it can be to any website. Sometimes we even take a few steps and try to do what we can to improve search engine optimization. Well there are a few techniques or methods that are pretty basic to hep you get started with your campaign which I will mention soon. The key thing to remember is that you should be consistent with any method you take and be really active with your campaign to see positive results.

A few things you can try are directory submissions, social bookmarking, forum posting, blog commenting, press releases, reciprocal link exchange with relevant websites and even emailing your friends and family to help spread the word about website and asking them to help spread the word. Before you know it, one email expands to 10 people and then multiplies like crazy. There is nothing to lose with any of the ways I mentioned, you just need to try it and continue to do it so that it really settles in and grounds you website even better into the internet. Good Luck and I hope this helps.

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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

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Earn On Referrals

Taking surveys isn't the only way you can earn some cash or rewards points, doing referrals can actually give you less work but more pay. Of course this is not going to generate big money as if you've won a lottery, referrals can generate earnings without having to do surveys. You get incentives for every referral you make which usually corresponds to cash and sometimes rewards points.

There are different ways of getting referrals, it can be direct like sending email invite to friends to join and sign up using your referral link. You can also work like an advertising agency in your own ways by putting up banners or links to attract people, this can be a very effective way to invite referrals indirectly.

Referrals is just another way to earn extra bucks but if you can still manage to do surveys, ptc and pay to read then do so.

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Post Break: Worry Free Repairs

It's very frustrating when your car breaks down on you while on the road. Having it not working alone can cause so much inconvenience already, how much more if there's a car trouble in the middle of the road. Knowing a place where to bring your car is a total sigh of relief but of course we wouldn't settle just anywhere.

is a great site to check in case you'll need to get your car fixed or serviced. It has a good list of convenient and accessible locations for shop locations and everything can also be accessed through your mobile phones. Indeed auto repairs can be a dreadful task for some people but with RepairPal, you are sure to be guided to best service of all.

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Useful Videos About Online Surveys