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Top 4 Rumors To Discourage You About Online Surveys

Top 4 Rumors To Discourage You About Online Surveys
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Like anything in this world, there will be opposing forces that will try and sometimes will talk you out of a passion, a dream, a goal or maybe something that interest you. Depending on on what it's about, it actually may be a good thing. The business of online surveys is no exception. People have their own opinions on this topic. Some hate it, some love it, there are even those who will claim that it is nothing but a scam. Fortunately for us some rumors are just not true. I will list and elaborate 4 major rumors that are not true about online surveys.

1. You Can't Make Money Doing Online Surveys!

This is a rumor that chops the heads off of most beginners. It has been proven over and over again by many bloggers and online survey takers. This blog alone proves it! Look for my posts labeled "Proof Of Payment" and you will find that I have have been earning some extra cash. Money in the bank does not lie. So rest assured, online surveys do pay. Why do rumors like this spread? Because there are many that give up fast and early in the game that all they can say is that you can't make money. Be patient and be willing, the money will come.

2. Online Survey Companies Are All Scams!

This is a rumor that is exaggerated. Though there will be scam sites there are many that are not. In fact, most are not scams! If you want to determine the sites that are legit, look at the site and find a link that shows that they are a member of the Better Business Bureau. Those that are not affiliated with this should be further studied as they may be a scam site. Look for user reviews and see what others have to say before judging.

3. They Don't Pay You Enough!

There will be sites that pay too little or don't pay by cash. But to say this for all online survey sites is a bit harsh. There are many that pay well. It is your job to sort out the best from the rest. There are even many suggestions from experienced users. I've also posted some articles that give out suggestions based on actual experience. Look for my posts labeled "Suggestions and Guides". Go for what you want, If you want cash, focus on the sites that pay cash, if you love gift cards, focus on the sites that pay out with gift cards.

4. Online Surveys Are A Waste Of Time!

Many people will claim that these opportunities are a waste of time based on limited knowledge and experience. Most people who claim this, are probably those who have tried and gave up too early. Don't let these rumors discourage you, If you really focus and stick with your guns and grow your revenue streams, you will discover that it is not a waste of time, instead perhaps an investment of your time. For many people, online surveys provide the means for that extra boost to put food on the table, to be able to pay rent, to be able to buy that gift you've always wanted to give to your loved one. For these people, myself included, it is not a waste of time. It is a blessing and opportunity.

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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Post Break: On Online Coupons are Awesome

Until recently I have never been an avid coupon clipper. I know that by just throwing the coupons away i am probably irritating some people. I have been told that it is just completely ridiculous to not utilize a way to save extra money. The truth of the matter is I am a very busy person. I work two jobs and have three children. Therefore, I usually have a lot more things to do on my list other than clipping and sorting through a bunch of coupons.

A friend of mine turned me on to getting coupons online. I have had satellite internet service for quite some time, but usually my kids use it more than me. A while back I decided that I would take my friend's advice and check out and I was amazed at how easily I could find coupons that I actually needed. The best part was I could print the ones that I wanted right then. On top of that I also found coupons that required no clipping at all. This is something called electronic coupons and can be used to purchase items online. Some where even for free or reduced shipping. Since then I am completely addicted. There is not a day that goes by that I do not check to see what new coupons are available that I may want. I never knew that couponing could be so easy and fast with my hughes net internet. If I would have discovered this a long time ago, I could have saved myself a lot of money.

You still will not find me clipping and sorting through the coupons that I get in the mail. I seriously cannot find the time. Nevertheless, do not be surprised to see me at the grocery store with my freshly printed coupons in hand.

This is a guest post by Wilson Philsing

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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Post Break: My Boyfriend and The Hangover

When my boyfriend moved in, he ordered bestchoiceTV. This weekend was the first since he moved in that we both were off from work and it was nice to sit and watch one of our favorite movies together. We watched The Hangover.
The Hangover is about a man named Doug who is getting ready to get married, but before him and three of his friends go to Las Vegas to have a bachelor party. The movie starts the day after when the three friends wake up in their suite at Caesar’s Palace to find a trashed room, a six-month-old baby in the closet, a tiger in the bathroom, and that the groom is missing.
With no memories of the previous nights events, the three friends then embark on multiple adventures in a 48 hour time span throughout Sin City that involve everything from a missing tooth to a drunken wedding featuring a stripper at the bride. As they retrace their steps and right their wrongs, they manage to find the groom and get him to the wedding on time. I think the best character in the movie was the brother-in-law because he was so crazy.
For the first time I was thrilled that my boyfriend had went and ordered that Direct TV Package because if he hadn’t we would not have got to watch the movie. We had not yet gone to purchase the DVD and it was nice to have it readily available instead of having to get ready in the middle of the night and drive all the way out to the store on a whim without even knowing if they had it in stock. In all it was a great evening.
Post from Barbara Martin

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