Tuesday, December 30, 2008

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Survey Interview Face-Off

A special interview by JIFDC.

First off, I would like to say thank you all for visiting this blog. I thought it would be nice to interview a special person about certain aspects regarding online surveys. We will refer to this person as Gayle. Enjoy the post, and I hope that you are able to discover a thing or two with this nice interview.

JIFDC: Hi Gayle, I thought it would be nice to know a little background about yourself so that our readers can better relate to you in a more personal level. Let's break the ice and start off with your age and occupational status?

Gayle: I'm 21 and I am an engineering student.

JIFDC: Very well. What made you decide to start doing online surveys?

Gayle: Ummm, I'm trying to see if I could earn some extra cash.

JIFDC: How long have you been doing it so far? And how is it working out for you?

Gayle: I've been doing online surveys for roughly 6 months. It requires quite some time for you to earn something, but its good.

JIFDC: If you don't mind me asking, for those 6 months, how much have you earned from online surveys? A ballpark number would be nice.

Gayle: I first started with $15 to $20 dollars a month since I was still on the experimental stage. Then after awhile I get to earn $30 dollars a month or more if I get lucky. That's the best way I can answer right now, it's easier thinking on a monthly basis. But that's all approximate values.

JIFDC: That's great Gayle! How much time would you say you invest in taking online surveys?

Gayle: I do it at night before going to sleep together with my internet surfing and other stuff.

JIFDC: That doesn't sound too bad. After all who would just hand you 15 bucks right. Would you say that the chances of earning more depends on how much time you invest in it? Or is it mere luck, and you hope for the best paying surveys?

Gayle: It's both. You get lucky if you qualify with online focus groups that gives out a lot of money. Some, about $30 dollars for a specific survey. But you'll take some time to do it. It's good when you get to qualify for those short and mid-long surveys which gives few dollars because you won't feel to tired answering.

JIFDC: Would you mind sharing with us some survey sites?

Gayle: SurveySpot is really good. The survey invites are significantly a lot more than the other sites. Another one is Opinion Outpost, I have fun doing it and the pay out system is really low, you need not pile up on points or cash just for you to request for your check.

JIFDC: Well, that is very very helpful Gayle. I would like thank you for your time and knowlegde which you have shared with us today. Any last words or advice to our readers?

Gayle: Same as what I read from one of the postings on your blog site.... patience and truthfulness is very essential. Surveys are not something you can play with because it aims to know views from people to make certain products and services better.

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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

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Opinion Outpost

Opinion Outpost really pays. We were very happy to receive this check. Now that we have tried it for the very first time. We will continue taking surveys through Opinion Outpost and see how it works long term. So far, so good. Some facts about this company can be found here.

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