Sunday, August 12, 2012

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The Scion FR-S

The Scion FR-S is claimed to bring back sport to the car, with rear wheel drive and a maximum output of 200 horse power at 7000 revolutions per minute this beast is the next best thing in motorsport history. It was inspired by Toyota's long line of performance racers and has been a guide for the Scion FR-S's development. This beautiful car has a maximum torque of 151 lb.-ft at 6,600 revolutions per minute and a fuel tank capacity of 13.2 gallons, what's not to like!

If you want to see the capabilities of the Scion FR-S, Cartel Customs announced "The Scion Speedster" concept car which has all the standard features of the FR-S with a few tweaks here and there to make it even more attractive. They removed the coupe's top, upgraded suspension and race exhaust to name a few. Definitely something worth checking out to inspire you. Infographic provided below for more Scion FR-S information.

The All new Scion FR-S
Brought to you by the all new Scion FR-S

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