Thursday, October 30, 2008

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Paid Online Surveys Questionnaires - The Best 4

I read an article supposedly written for Good Internet Money which enlist what may be the best 4 paid online surveys questionnaires out there. And to my excitement, I have to say that I have experience with 2 already.

The top 4 mentioned were:

  1. Survey Spot (I am happy with this!)
  2. Harris Poll Online (have not tried this yet.)
  3. ACOP (not too many offers)
  4. Global Test Market (this is a good one.)
As you can tell, I like Survey Spot and Global test Market the best. I cannot really say with Harris Poll Online as I have not been exposed to this until now. Maybe I will give it a shot.

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Monday, October 27, 2008

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Getting Paid To Take Surveys Online: Things To Get You Started

Yes indeed. Getting paid to take online surveys. Does it really pay? Yes. Does it really pay big? Depends on how deep you go. Here at Real Paying Online Surveys, we provide you proof, suggestions and critique on many site that offer people to do online surveys for money. Before you get into this business, you have to prepare yourself and know if you think you may handle this type of work from home opportunity. For some it may be a walk in the park... for other it may be your most frustrating venture you have undertaken. So it really depends on you. Nothing is easy, nothing is free. Why not free? because time my friend, is money. Time is money. And if your not willing to invest your time into surveys, then its hard to say if it would be worth your time. if you are willing to invest your time and intend to turn many of the survey opportunities available into cash, well I suggest you read some of the articles we have posted on this blog along with some basic essential requirements for anyone who wants to get started with this opportunity. I will now enumerate these vital requirements:

  1. Time. (As I have discussed earlier.)
  2. Dedication. (You cannot give up because you simply don't earn as much as you have dreamed of, trail and error. That is the key.)
  3. Honesty. (Companies are looking for honest answers, and are willing to pay those who answers honestly whether it may be negative or positive. They will not invest their money on false data)
  4. Reliable Equipment. (Save yourself the trouble and make sure you have a reliable computer and internet connection as it is just as important as the 3 requirements above. It will make you more efficient and productive.)
These are 4  very basic rules to get you started in your new venture in online surveys for extra cash.

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