Monday, April 20, 2009

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SurveySpot Tostitos Sample

I qualified for a survey with corresponding free sample to be shipped after finishing and processing the survey. It's indeed a nice one because I get to have this Tostitos Sample. SurveySpot's survey was about this product before it came out or same time it's being introduced to the market. If you pay close attention to the photos, you can see Tostitos Scoops and a matching queso salsa. The sample material is scoops and the salsa was just given to match the product. I'm not sharing or disclosing any specifics of the survey because it's prohibited. I just want to share this to justify the truth for those who are doubting if sample are really being delivered as said on those survey sites. I know this isn't much of a value but for me, this is something worth my effort already for that specific survey. Not only that I had a cash credit, I get to have a good freebie to complete it. A follow-up survey was necessary to assess the product sample they gave to me.

See what you might qualify for.. might be more than chips and dip! : SurveySpot

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