Monday, June 24, 2013

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What Rewards Can Get You

It's been a while since I last  paid much attention on doing my online surveys.  I got distracted focusing on some other things most especially work related matters. I admit that not doing surveys gives me much more time to do other things because it can be time consuming too.  That's the advantage though I have to admit that I miss the rewards that I do get to have from my survey works.

For the longest time I have collected some good DVD titles, gift certificates and gift cards, cash and checks.  Yes, that's all for paying more attention in doing my online surveys.  Sure thing it requires time but given the right survey site, you'll definitely reap some great rewards.  Some survey sites simply gives points and then redeemable items, while others have options for cash or checks. 

What I like doing surveys is that I get to earn extra cash that I don't feel guilty about spending for something else.  It's not part of my budget therefore I can have an extra splurge on some things I don't want to spend money for.  Say for instance to get a new pair of womens new balance walking shoes is something I'll feel so good about spending my survey rewards.  It enables me to get some good things for myself without the guilt of overspending or touching my monthly budget allotted for something.

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