Monday, March 19, 2012

Post Break: Lifelock Protection

Isn't it scary that everything in today's world revolves mostly online?  Online is the new way to shop, bank and do other things.  This means your identity is also prone of being so exposed and distributed over the net.  Don't be surprised if you'll receive offers from this company, bank and stores.

There was one time when I was offered to open a membership for one of the hardware chains, surprisingly all they asked from me was my home phone.  I was quite puzzled at first but upon typing in my home phone number, VOILA! All my information appeared such as name, address, etc.  So that made me think, for somebody who wants to steal your identity it's so easy to access it just by choosing random phone number?

It's hard to say if having to purchase an identity theft protection services can be beneficial to protect your precious information.  Upon checking Lifelock reviews it seems like a good idea to be protected this way. Having Lifelock might seem like a waste of money for some people but considering the offers included in their package, it's just like paying for your peace of mind.  They will constantly monitor the net for your information whether it's being exposed most especially in those ile sharing sites.  Public and court records monitoring will also be provided, credit bureau reports, bank account protection are just among their major concerns t make sure you are kept under wraps.

It's advisable to read through reviews to better guide you whether you'll need to try their services or not at all. 


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