Thursday, July 9, 2009

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Opinion Outpost Stays Strong

I have to admit that Opinion Outpost has stayed on the good side of things when it comes to doing online surveys for some extra cash. The last check I received from these guys was for $15.00. And now I got $20.00 from them. They are for real and they do pay. Maybe not the best of the best, but they are an option to be considered. I think once I have collected a good dozen of their checks, then I'd probably setup a time table of some sort to visually see how much I've earned from Opinion Outpost together with how long it took to accumulate to a certain amount. Till then stay tuned for more updates!


  1. First of all, great blog :) I can't believe I've never come across it before!

    I have to say that I think Opinion Outpost is actually my favorite survey panel. I feel like they are more consistent in sending out surveys than others and they pay really well :)

  2. Hi Danielle! Thanks for the visit and your comment.

    So you are really earning from opinion outpost too? I claimed many checks already but these are my earliest checks from them, I have bigger amounts now. =)

  3. Hey ayie!

    I will check out opinion outpost as well!


  4. Hi John,

    here's a link for my archive...those top survey sites that gave me many checks already


  5. Hey Ayie,

    I have to agree with Danielle by saying that this is an excellent site to learn about the various survey options (those which are legit, and those which are not).

    You are to surveys as what PTC Investigations is to PTCs :)


  6. Hi xXtrizzleXx! Thanks for coming over here to check and for the comment.

    I also have some ptcs like inbox dollars, clixsense, sendearnings and memolink. I hope you can benefit from these other sites mentioned here.



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