Thursday, June 25, 2009

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Checks Keep Coming

It has been awhile, and I am still devotedly answering surveys in surveyspot. It is not an easy job but the checks keep coming. Who could go wrong with that? So far, among all my other survey sites, is among those on the top spot in terms of consistent survey invites and income.


  1. Greetings Ayie:
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    Found about a site that offers free stuuf & thought that you might like it, i had missed out on the $5 KFC Fill-Up & $10 Gas Card, Heres the link

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  2. How long have you been a member of these sites?

  3. Hi anonymous, if I'm not mistaken 1-2 yrs already. =)

  4. Most of the survey companies accept application from US only. Does Surveypot accept application from Malaysia?
    Thks for all the great comments in my blog. Cheers

  5. Hi pete, nice to see you here. Check those "global survey sites" Globaltestmarket does, if I remember it right it's worldwide. Survey opportunities and checks are also good in that site. I don't remember exactly which of which are international, I'll update you if I managed to check more. Thanks!

  6. Surveyspot is great! I have received over 200 dollars from them in the past year.


  7. Hi John, nice to hear that! I also made a lot too, pretty good for extra cash =)

    thanks for dropping a comment =)

  8. Hey Ayie,

    Cash Crate looks quite pleasing - I may have to give them a try :)

    Currently I'm only using PTC websites, which I have invested in, in order to earn some money and prove the naysayers who hate PTC websites wrong! :)

    You can track the progress of this quest, which actually entails earning over $500.00 at my blog when you have some spare time.

    Cheers to a good post!

  9. Hi xXTrizzleXx, I'll go check it out all your PTC ventures. I am somehow involved with that too but haven't fully explored. I just do surveys and ptcs as a side. Nice figure you have there, will check it out.

    Thanks so much! Check the 2008 archives here for more site info.


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