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Making Money With Paid Surveys

Making Money With Paid SurveysRichard Goldie who is the owner of wrote an interesting article about making money with paid surveys. He pointed out several interesting realities of this so called money-making-opportunity and how the internet can somehow replace the exercise of filling out forms or having to answer questions on the phone. Some people just want to do this from a chair in front of a computer in the comfort of their own home! And why not?! I myself would opt for this. You don't need to answer the phone every time it rings. What if you were in the bathroom! Taking surveys online allows you to do things at your own pace, when you want, where you want. You are the boss.

Richard Goldie derived four important tips in his article to help survey takers get more paid surveys:

  1. Look for paid survey forums. The bigger forums are the most useful, mainly because they are always packed with topics about the best place to get paid surveys.
  2. Leave your name and email address with websites even if they say they have no paid surveys at the moment. They may get fresh surveys in that you fit the profile for and you will be the first person they will contact.
  3. Take surveys that are not for money. Sites sometimes use these to test people out before offering surveys that pay money.
  4. Always fill in surveys quickly. Not just so that you can fill in more if you do them quickly but also it lets the market research companies see that you can be trusted to do good quick work. This will get you more paid survey work.

Make this a habit, and you will no doubt increase your opportunities.

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