Tuesday, November 11, 2008

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Discover The Most Popular Paying Online Surveys Right Here

Discover The Most Popular Paying Online Surveys Right Here
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I read an article last week claiming that they discovered the most popular paying online survey sites. Now whether this is true or not, is a matter of trying it out yourself. The article gave us 2 sites, "Paid Surveys Etc." and "Make Money Taking Surveys". Make Money Taking Surveys is owned and operated by Lauren Mitchell and Paid Surveys Etc. by Michelle McAllister. Both were supposedly stay at home moms who later discovered the opportunity of making a living through survey taking. Eventually they made their own survey sites.

Interesting indeed. Scam? Or real? Both sites are running and look well maintained. That's all I can say at this point, and its like what I said, you have to try it to know it.



Now, I have to admit that I myself have not tried the sites mentioned. Why? Well, honestly I am still in the phase of using sites where I don't have to pay a fee. The two sites above require a fee. Maybe one day I will try it. Being a mother myself, I am somewhat motivated after reading that those 2 work at home moms became successful with taking online surveys that pay. I will say that even by just sticking to free survey sites, I am earning some extra cash. So what more if I join the survey sites that have a fee for access to there resources and programs. Who knows? Maybe I could be making more! We'll see.

What caught my attention, was the article's claim that paid sites offer better customer service and that they don't give you garbage surveys that pay very little. Instead they give you high paying surveys. A tempting offer, but is it true? The only way to really find out is by reading and searching for lots and lots of reviews, or if you want a quick answer, I guess you have to cough up the extra cash and pay the fee to try it out and see if it is a true claim.

I will definitely write about it when I get to it. In the meantime, if anybody has an opinion, review or experience with the any of the 2 sites mentioned, please feel free to comment! Thanks!


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