Friday, August 1, 2008

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Reward Items

Not all surveys offer cash, other survey sites use rewards to compensate for the points earned from surveys. I personally haven't tried claiming some reward items because I'm still, up to now saving up my points to get a bigger reward. Why am I still saving it all when I can just simply get any other item with the points I have? Since I'm earning from other survey sites extra cash already, I thought that the other survey sites which use rewards can give me better and bigger items. Ipsos I-say has alot of choices to choose from and I'm opting on the leisure rewards like amusement park, aquariums & resorts pass. At least by the time I piled up the points I need, I know I have sure pass to places I want to visit and the best part is....FREE! Thinking of having some vacation will be lighter for the budget since I cut off a big chunk of amount already. With MySurvey & Zoom Panel, I'm stacking up my points to claim some appliance and gadgets that I'd like to have without needing to buy it cash anymore. There's a slim DVD player set and Digital Camera I'm eyeing in those 2 sites. I'm way up and almost reaching those rewards! I'm just sharing this to all of you so that I can prove in a way that by doing some surveys during my free time, I'm not wasting my efforts answering surveys because I'm being rewarded in return. It's pretty tiring at times I admit but that's how it is. Nothing can be so easy.

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