Monday, May 26, 2008

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The truth about surveys...

Been doing surveys for about half a year already, personally I'd say it really pays off. Honestly being a survey taker isn't my primary job, it's really just an extra for me. Having some dollars to do partial grocery or just buy anything and some reward items from survey points isn't bad at all. You can do surveys leisurely with your own time. Nothing really complicated. Just keep answering the survey invitations and that's it. Good for you if you qualify for that certain survey and if not, just keep doing it... no other way.
Will be posting soon some more recent checks I earned... I think it's the best way to let you all know that you can really get something from the survey sites I listed on my previous posts.


  1. wow..that is definitely not a bad thing to do as a leisure. not much of a hard work, yet you get paid. i must as well try one soon.

  2. I agree that paid surveys work... maybe you should check the free paid survey sites i have listed on my site... they are great and you can offer them to your readers as well :)

  3. well really nice blog. This is really interesting.

  4. Thanks for the visit... hope this blog can help people who are trying to make some extra cash.


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