Wednesday, June 23, 2010

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Neobux - PTC

I was sent a referral invitation for Neobux and Palmbux, pay to click sites. It's almost a month since I joined and so far I can assess the two sites based on comparison. So far I was told that these sites really pay.

Neobux is better in terms of click rates and the simplicity of the PTC ads. I like this site better than the other one. Palmbux isn't as simplified as Neobux. I don't like having to wait for another system to click after checking out the ads. It requires more time than Neobux but lesser click rate. Payout rate is just $2.00.

Joining these sites won't mean you'll get big money from doing PTC ads. It's just a few cent/s and it will take time before it becomes a dollar at least. The better way to earn from this is through referrals. If I don't have any works to handle I don't really mind doing the PTC even if the rate value is very small increment. In time without knowing it you'll have few bucks already.


  1. I have been hearing about this and I am happy I found about it here.This is a very cool and easy way of earning ...just clicking makes the cents drip in and it depends on how many you could do i am sure.

  2. I signed up after my bestfriend sent me a referral and she guaranteed that it works and even got her click pays. You only get cents from clicking each ad in which you'll receive about 4 ads or more a day. If you're patient enough you'll just see that your cents has become a buck or even more. I already have $2+ but didn't want to get it yet, I'd rather make it bigger before I request for a payout. Goodluck to you and thanks for the visit and leaving a comment.


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