Tuesday, August 18, 2009

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Global Opinion Panels-Synovate Pays

I got this check about 1 year ago from Synovate. By taking surveys, you can earn points which are then redeemable for cash. A proof that this survey site truly works is the attached check. You might not be impressed by the figures but you can get higher increments in the long run. They send good amount of survey invites and it's a win-win even if you don't qualify to proceed with the survey. You still get to have 50 points just by doing the pre-qualifying questions which are redeemable for cash. So your not really wasting your time with this one.


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  2. Hi Lacie, thanks for sharing oipnionbar. i don't get todo much surveys lately but I will keep in mind so when i finally have spare time to add few more sites.

    I already put the links higher =)

  3. Hello Ayie:
    Thanks i gratefully apreiciate it! I have just deleted Earn Money From Surveys. I'm at a stage where i cannot keep up with more than 1 blog. Sorry please remove Earn Money From Surveys.

    I hope that you can check out these next two awesome survey websites that i want to share with you.

    I was thinking of you and i wanted to share these two cool new survey websites!

    Spring Board America https://www.springboardamerica.com/Portal/default.aspx pay by check! you can only get cgeck for $50 just like Global Test Market. Has a reall nice layout on websites. They do-not pay by points, they pay you in U.S. Dollars$ Look at post on YourFreeSurveysBlog.

    Say Nation
    http://www.saynation.com/Portal/?RP=Register&Ref=1307997848 they pay by amazon + paypal + another way. Look at post on YourFreeSurveysBlog.

    Pz email me on your finding on the two awesome site ( elpaso95@gmail.com)

    Do-Not download toolbar from Opinion Bar. I heard that it gives people lots of problems


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