Thursday, July 8, 2010

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6 Ways To Maximize Your Paid Survey Income

While doing surveys and encountering road blocks, spam, and success... you may have already adapted to system that you have forged without you even knowing. A system that makes you excel in this business of online surveys for cash. A system that makes you more efficient which will potentially increase your earnings.

Here I will list 6 crucial ways to maximize your paid survey income:

  1. Check Your Email. Checking your email several times a day and be active by accepting surveys and offers. By doing this you will have gained a reputation of reliability with survey companies.
  2. Join As Many As You Can. By joining many research companies, small pay or large pay... you are increasing your chances of getting surveys. Plant seeds. Get yourself in the game. It will eventually become valuable to you.
  3. Refer To Others. Expose your findings and help others out that are doing the same as you or trying to begin. Many of these survey companies will have referral programs that pay. This is yet another way to earn.
  4. Be Meticulous. Be very careful on typing down your information on the companies that you become affiliated with. I single mistake could result in you not getting paid on time or surveys being sent to another email address. And I'm sure nobody likes that.
  5. Update Your System. make sure your computers software is up to date with the latest java and flash applications installed. Many companies require this and not having these installed may result in you missing an important survey opportunity which means money lost.
  6. Join Focus Groups. Joining focus groups is like the cherry on top. Focus groups can actually pay pretty good per hour once this level is reached in the world of online surveys. But like anything. This will require time.
So there you have it. Six ways to maximize your paid survey income!


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  2. Really informative post. I'm from South Africa and there is only a hand full of survey companies here, and unfortunately these guys charge a joining fee which is an outright scam in my opinion.

  3. Thanks for visiting. I agree that most sites that require a joining fee could very well be a scam.

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  6. How do you think updating my system may help?Thanks for the clues here.It is very useful guidance when I want to earn from the online market surveys.

  7. @legitimate paid surveys: Thanks for visiting! Updating your system includes having the latest version of your web browser installed, latest hardware drivers installed and keeping your operating system up to speed with the latest patch. Maintaining a healthy computer will prevent it from slowing don on you or functioning inefficiently. The speed of your productivity could potentially slow down thus resulting in lost time for doing online surveys.


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