Sunday, March 23, 2008

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How I Got Started With Doing Surveys

How I Got Started With Doing Surveys
Photo Credit: hikingartist / CC BY 2.0
Given the chance to earn a little extra cash, will you be interested enough? I kind of got stuck with the thinking "ANYTHING HELPS" so I started checking on ways on how to earn extra cash doing thing via internet. I came across experimenting on "Free-Paying online surveys". After some researches I decided to join my first ever survey company "SurveySpot" and after receiving and taking several qualifying surveys, finally started generating some extra cash for me. As I continue earning dollars taking up surveys, still some doubts if this kind of thing really works since I haven't received my real pay from all the surveys I did. Finally upon completing my first month I requested for my check and after nearly a month, I received my SurveySpot check amounting to $37. I know this isn't much but who cares? I got my extra cash and my doubts are gone about these survey sites as I've proved myself these things really work. After SurveySpot, I challenged myself to join other survey sites so I could earn more.


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