Friday, May 29, 2009

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Ipsos I-say gift card

I totally forgot about this survey reward until I saw it in the mail, $15 equivalent that's good!

Ipsos I-say is one of my survey sites. It does not reward cash or any monetary form of payment instead some merchandise and other items like gift cards. I'm honestly working on more of those cash credit sites but it's not bad to get some good gift certificates and incentives as credit to your work.

I was asked to do a certain survey one time and I was told that a gift certificate will be given afterwards. I completed the survey and right after notified that my 15 points equivalent to $15 gift card will be mailed as a reward for comleting the survey. Of course I'm happy, it's $15 and nobody will just give me a dollar just by asking. What I'm trying to say is thatdoing these surveys has corresponding rewards. It may be in a form of cash/check, gift certificate or gift cards. I know it's not that much but what the heck, it's still something.

(I blurred the name part just for security purpose)

For those who are trying to find some extra means of cash or rewards, I suggest work on some surveys. You will be surprised how much opportunities are there doing things at home or simply with the use of computer. I highly encourage people who are struggling to earn some extra to give surveys a try. I just want to say this again, you won't get rich and earn so much money with online surveys but it has rewards and cash equivalents. Sounds easy to do but it takes some work as well.


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  2. Hi Lacie, thanks for dropping by. I see your blog every now and then. Ok will check it out.

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  4. It's paypal? I don't sign up with paypal surveys coz I don't have acct for that but in any case I sign up I will use your link. Thanks!

  5. hi..first time visiting here.. u hv so many blogs that i dont know which to refer to... u r great.. can maintain so many..

  6. Hi reanaclaire, nice to have you here. Did you get confuse which one to check first? Also surprised my blogs multiplied that much. =) There will be some more additionals in the future =)



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